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My Juicy April Fool's Day Prank On My Bro.

samsaige said:
doing that was fucked up dude. i had a similar prank pulled on me that tore my life upside down.
A friend thought it was funny to have a girlfriend of his call my house and act as though she is calling from the aids prevention center.
she said she is contacting everyone who was on a list given to her by Jana (not her real name) who is a girl i had dated.
i asked why they would be calling me about jana? they said they are contacting everyone on the name list she had given them since she was tested positive for aids and they needed anyone who had had sexual contact with her to come to the aids center for an immediate blood test.

i hung up, throw up a couple time, called off from work and went to the Aids center and submitted my self for an immediate blood test.

when i came out, chris and a bunch of buddies were outside in stiches laughing at me.

i was so pissed i beat the fuck out of him, and i got charged with assault by the cops.

so practical jokes aint no good!

That is some funny shit!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
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