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MrSupps Sleep Aid Log!!!!

updates from the last few days

I've had the chance to use it for a few times here and far its been great.gets use to sleep smoothly you feel it kick in and your relaxed and then off you go.

used 1 and then 2 the last few days 1 was good. 2 was great I will increase the dosing however to see if I can notice a huge difference

used 2 last night.worked out well slept pretty well woke up a few times but only because it felt like i had been sleeping far great stuff

used 3 the other night had a solid nights sleep.still hard to say if 2 or 3 is a big jump at this point

tried 1 the other night sleep was good but took longer to fall asleep.may need 2 or 3 at this point
thank for the updates on sleeping aids.Dont run into them much..

How do you compare this product to the other sleeping aid products you have tried
been using 1 and 2.noticed I have built up a tolerance at 1 pill and 2 pills don't hit as hard appears 3 might be the sweet spot
sorry for the lack of updates I used 2 caps minus the caps drank them straight and they hit pretty quick maybe 10 mins and I was out.taste really isn't that bad either.I did this with need 2 sleep too and notice a difference so I may do this for awhile and see how it works out
I am prescribed klonopin. What is the effect of this compared to a prescription med? I used to use the old somatotropin and it worked amazing and then got it again and it was garbage.
haven't used any sleeping meds but sleep aid does a great job.I would say for most 2 caps is a good amount to use
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