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main difference between masteron p vs masteron e


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Which one would you bros recommend would be better for bulking? source has both!

And for a person who is prone to gyno and water retention looking to cut?

Some article say it works better with other roids to get full benefits from it, what would you stack it with for cutting purposes and for how long? thank you.


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Lots of people are going to say a compound is a compound regardless of ester but I don't agree. NPP is not the same as Deca, just like Mast P isn't exactly like Mast E, same goes for Tren.

Personally for a bulk I would run longer esters to keep pinning to a minimum.

If you are looking to cut or looking for more hardness Mast P all the way.


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there is no such thing as masteron E human grade.. but thanks to UGL's they have come up with masteron E and it is widely available now

the difference is the ester. propionate vs. enanthate

some people will say esters make a difference and that shorter esters cut more etc etc.. for me i don't care i just hate injecting and will pick the longer ester all day in most situations


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Masteron p and enanthate are the exact same thing. The only difference is the ester and how frequently you need to inject.

Mast p - has a half life of about 4 days and should be injected EOD or MWF
Mast e - has a half life of 10.5 days and should be injected twice per week

Both provide the same base steroid and will give identical results.

Masteron does not aromatize into estrogen so side effects like gyno are impossible.


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It just depends on how often you want to pin. Mast is not exactly a great bulking drug though. It is more of a muscle hardener than anything