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Macro Distribution on Cardarine?

never heard of GW making a person flat
i suppose its possible depending on their diet and their water intake
can you get a log up so we can see what is going on?
putting up a log Journal is going to be the best thing you can do. We have hundreds of years of experience on here and we've helped many transform their bodies
this is the only way we will be able to help you
just giving you some cookie-cutter advice is not the best strategy
Where did you see these posts?
several reddit posts, youtube comment section ect, but qoute a few of them do say they are eating low carb while on card, i would imagine thats why. Other posts dont mention carb intake but great pumps.

Anyways, i will start a log when i order from umbrella labs. (im not currently on anything as of right now) Thanks
I've never felt flat one time on GW what I felt was crazy high stamina and endurance ontop of the best workouts of my life.
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