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IM and IV Insulin Use?


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Has anybody tried this? What type of insulin and how much? I know that if your blood sugar is out of control the DR will give insulin IV but what is you are just trying to cram the protien and carbs into the cell and have a normal blod sugar level?
do not EVER! inject insulin into a vein unless in a controlled enviroment i can have fatal consequences. The only insulin that can be used iv is humalin R. And that is usually mixed in a bag of iv fluid. You can use humalin R in a sub Q injection. start at only a couple units till you see how you react. and have some simple sugars immediatly available about 30 minutes after injection. watch for the side effects my man.Im not a guru here but this is some solid info.
I already use humulin R and am very versed in the amounts and the proper amounts of carbs to dispurse the insulin...I just want to know about other methods..I know that IM is also possible just wouln't do it without the proper info
BTW I would think that in the hospital theat they would use Humulog as it reacts nearly instantly.
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