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I need you guys help or expertise please


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Hey I am 26 y/o 5'11" I want to know what you guys think about my cycle I am about to start on this upcoming Monday

12 weeks of test e 250, 500 a week of test E and deca 200, 250 every other injection of deca 250. Also I will be starting off on Monday with dbol 50mg a day for up to 7 weeks. And than take winny from week 10-12. Week 14-18 I will take clomid for four weeks I was thinking 100/100/50/50 during the cycle I was also thinking of taking anastrozole 1mg every 3 days. Can you guys help me out and let me know your opinions I'm just trying to get big and towards the end of the cycle I want to cut it as much as possible and I don't want to get fucked with estrogen let me know your advice guys thanks.
You laid that out in a confusing way. But I think I got it. First off. Dbol is 4-5 weeks max. And two orals for most of a 12 week cycle is crazy.

I suggest
Weeks 1-14 test cyp 500mg
Weeks 1-12 deca 3-400mg
Weeks 1-4 dbol 40mg per day

Anastrozole 1-15 0.5mg eod

Pct weeks 16-19
Clomid 100/50/25/25
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Diet is key to your bloat and helps tremendously with estrogen sides and fat gain. Keep your diet on point. Two week of winny isn't worth it. Especially after having 4-5 weeks of an oral already in your cycle.
Okay thanks bro, I'll get rid of the winny but I can't get my hands on any nolva I'll do dbol for 5 weeks I really want that extra pump till the test and deca kick in and I have test E
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