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How to run a proper PCT

IMHO hcg should be used on cycle and not for pct. 250 iu 2x per week keeps your LH working and the dose is not enough to drastically increase your estrogen levels.
Taking hcg i pct is counter productive. Pct you are trying to get your natural functions back to normal. Hcg does just the opposite and it the dosis recomended will increase estrogen in pct. exactly what you are trying to avoid.
thats just it though, hcg mimics LH it doesnt "keep it working" i believe hcg should be used to kick start the testes before starting a pct with the protocol i outlined in a previous post
thats just it though, hcg mimics LH it doesnt "keep it working" i believe hcg should be used to kick start the testes before starting a pct with the protocol i outlined in a previous post

Have you ever came off your trt for any reason?
no! my levels were 175ng/dl before trt and id never touched any aas or anything that could shut me down, i have zero hope off coming off trt

Damn mine was at like 480 something but I sure do love this shit haha I haven't really gotten any test recently I'm scared I'm going to be to high and doctors going to cut it down šŸ˜Ø... never!!! Lol
no as hcg mimics LH and doesnt increase it making hcg itself actually suppressive!

hcg should be used imo opinion as follows

pct starting day after last pin

days 1-20 500iu hcg eod
then wait 5 days
then follow with typical clomid and nolvadex pct of
clomid 50 25 25 25
nolva 40 40 20 20 10

i have a mate who recovered well after 18 months of b and c with 19nor steroids throughout using this protocol

If your choice is not to run low dose hcg on cycle this is, IMO, the best protocol to go with. HCG itself IS suppressive so it should not be run DURING your pct. There is also a phenomenon with HCG that is dosage dependent called Leydig Cell Desensitization. That is why it is important IMO not to exceed doses of 1000iu's of HCG/week. In fact I personally prefer 500iu's/week split into 2-250iu doses.

Now here is where I stray from the above and I will share my belief and experience as to why I do what I do.
When we go on cycle LH (as well as FSH) production ceases as part of being "shut down". The goal of PCT is in fact to resume lh & FSH production as quickly and effectively as possible. Here is the other part of that equation however. In order for LH to be converted into testosterone it has to act upon the Leydig cells in the testis. HCG is a LH mimetic that is, in fact, many times more potent than LH itself. This is where the issue of "blasting" hcg post cycle can become an issue. HCG is in fact so much more potent than LH you can in fact desensitize the leydig cells to endogenous LH by taking too much HCG. Obviously a bad thing.
Now the goal of PCT is to resume full HPTA function as quickly and efficiently as possible. By using HCG at low doses on cycle you have the ability to maintain leydig cell function the entire time you are shut down. Why would you not prefer to maintain leydig cell function your entire cycle as opposed to allowing leydig cells not to function and try to coax then into functioning post cycle by using HCG then? It is like knowing you are going to have a tire that will go flat but rather than change it before hand you wait until it is flat to try to fix it.
The goal is to recover as quickly as possible, in my experience the best means by which to accomplish this is to utilize HCG at a low dose your entire cycle, ceasing use 3 days pre start of you proper serm based pct. BY utilizing a very low dose (250-500iu's-2x/week) you avoid any potential Leydig cell desensitization, you maintain leydig cell function, and upon the start of serm therapy the immediate increase they will cause in LH will in turn translate into an immediate increase in testosterone. This is the quickest. most efficient way to ensure this occurs and rather than gamble on not letting leydig cell s cease to function in the HOPES that full functionality will return post cycle, you can ensure it never ceases by the prudent use of HCG on cycle.
Also worth noting there are other benefits to HCG use on cycle such as backfilling hormonal pathways which is reported to improve things like your sense of well being as well as sleep by helping to prevent the disruption of circadian rhythm. These benefits are so real in fact that you will find many TRT patients, who have no NEED for leydig cell function still take HCG as a part of their protocol.
Bottom line for me: HCG on cycle, at a low dose, ceased 3 days before I start my serm based pct offers me multiple benefits, ensures the fastest, most efficient and effective restoration of HPTA function, resulting in the best gains retention as well as minimizing the potential for emotional and physical issues associated with a non effective or less effective pct. Its a no brainier for me. If you dont utilize this method I strongly encourage you to try it.
^^ I agree, although i typically rec it the last 4-5 weeks of cycle, during is fine also depending on wants/needs. but low dose during or slightly higher dose at end of cycle is the way to go over HCG at end and then PCT. dont use HCG AS a pct or in PCT. use it as jimmy stated, during or atleast the end of cycle but NOT into pct and NOT at high doses. 250-500iu 2x a week is enough IMO

I still see soo much misinformation on hcg and it concerns me..
yoi are covering all your bases by using both, for those of you who cycle off you really can't afford to skimp on pct.
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