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How to detect a supplement scam


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I thought this would be a fun topic for everyone. Making a list of "warning signs" that a supplement is a scam. I'll get it started:

1) If the supplement is in anyway compared to something that is illegal, chances are it's a scam!
2) If they have a supplement ad with a bunch of steroid freaks who claim the product is responsible for their size and strength, there's a good bet that it's a scam!
3) Any supplement that is "found" in some obscure part of the world like a rain forest or Hungary with supposed studies on it from the 1950's, chances are it's a scam. If it didn't work in 1957 why would it work in 2001?
4) Any ad that makes some ridiculous statement like "I gained 7lbs of mass in ten days!", it's a scam! That's not even possible with real juice!
5) If they make some claim such as "increased protein synthesis", "increased nitrogen", but yet they can't explain how the product actually does that, chances are it's a scam.(such as methoxy,syntrabol,etc.) Or they claim it's "too complex of a process to explain", it's a scam.
6) Any product that has incredible "before" and "after" pictures, chances are it's a scam!
7) If they claim your going to put on 20lbs of muscle from their "superior formula" and all it is, is a protein drink, chances are it's a scam!

That's all I can think of for now.
I think you hit most of them. I always like the ones by cell-tech even though I fell for there "I gained 13lbs in just 2 weeks."
My favorite is when they make the claim...
"We are are the ONLY company able to the product this product by a patented, secret, high tech process"

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trying out nwe supps is a waist of time and money... even creatine, when it hit the market was expensive, and people didn´t know how to use it... now it´s super cheap and everyone knows how to use it...

creatin, ecay stacks, tribulus (works but is nothing magical at all), androproducts (maybe too soon or too late), flax oil, soy, protein powders
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