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how much red meat


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Simple question guys. How much red meat do you consume per week? I heard that red meat can cause weight gain and you should limit it. My stats are 5’10” 310 pounds and my body fat is north of 30%. I have been chubby all my life. I want to get my weight down. How come a lot of you who are ripped eat it and get away with it but when I eat it I get fatter?
I do red meat daily, it's good for mass
more than I should for the simple reason is that it is easy to cook, versatile and lasts a while after cooking in the fridge

the reality though is if you suffer from IBS, crohns and other issues you should limit red meat intake. most meatheads out there have major stomach issues. also eating too much red meat will lead to gut issues like constipation. it is important to eat plenty of firbrous veggies, fruit, etc if you eat red meat

also charring red meat is carcinogenic bigtime
prepping red meat i recommend salt/pepper. avoid condiments
be careful with sauces, they are high fodmap. i use FODY BBQ sauce
Probably once per week. I eat mainly eggs and chicken for my protein sources. Don't overthink it though, vary your diet and protein sources as long as you are eating clean.
I stick to mainly turkey chicken fish and eggs so I don't know
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