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heavy dose cycle thoughts

that is very early for such a large cycle

I would cut your doses in half
this is just asinine dosing and shows a clear lack of care or understanding of the compounds being used.. its so far past wreckless and you are not going to have any sort of good experience on this whatsoever
I’m doing a pretty intense cycle
my stats are six foot two inches and 217 pounds
28 years old
this is my 2nd cycle
I’m on 1000mgs test cyp, 600mgs deca and also doing equipoise with some adex every 3 days
I eat around 4500 calories a day and I do a 2 day split of push and pull which includes legs
Do you have any tips and tricks to adjust anything from the above my goal is obviously to bulk up more
taking way too much test bro. drop to 500mg you wasting gear
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