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OFFICIAL ELITE FITNESS rules, please read before posting

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Welcome to Elite Fitness, we want everyone to share and spread knowledge but we do have some rules that have been passed down from administration to keep everyone happy and safe................................

Please follow these rules

1. No Bashing sponsors or products. Just like every other site the sponsors keep our site free, please respect them. They have been carefully vetted to be here

2. No Bashing staff members, if you have an issue with a staff member you come to me or another mod first and we will handle it for you

3. *No scamming people, if you are caught using the PM system to scam or break rules then you will be caught and banned

4. No attacking or flaming fellow members. You can discuss and debate respectfully, but if you cross the line than you are breaking this rule. Contact myself, or another mod if you have issues with a member. Thank you!
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