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Dr. Strangelove

It's a classic. I've watched it MANY times.

"There will be no fighting in the war room"
I was told that it's good, but I took it to watch with my Mom and she bitched thru it because it's an older movie. Anyway, I never did get to watch the damn thing. It's possibly good . . . since it was recommended to me out of thousands of other movies, I just never got the pleasure (or vice versa) to see it . . .
I have downloaded it because it is a classic; but haven't watched it yet..

I also downloaded the 6 part classic 80's BBC series 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' the other day... that should be fun to watch....
Definitely a classic. I loved it. I still have a DVD/DiVX rip of it somewhere, I think. It's rated #12 on IMDB's greatest films of all time (based on user votes), for what it's worth.
I just watched it.

I'll rate it an 8 out of 10

It was def a good film for such a while ago

Dr Strangelove had me laughing by how he tried to keep his reich/nazi loyalty inside of him while giving a speech about saving human society. Ripper was also a cool character, and obviously insane :D I also like the B52 pilot, the end scene was great.
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