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Doin it natural.


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I finished a 6 week cycle about 10 weeks ago, my first cycle (sus 250/wk & winstrol 50mg/day)

Gained 15 pounds, ripped... best I've ever looked (and felt)

anyways, recovery sucked (clomid, then switched to aromasin)
took me about 8 weeks to fully recover, i was a wreck probably due to the clomid, and I started smoking again after 2 years away from it.)

anyways, so i've quit smoking and am 2 weeks back in the gym after being away for about 6 weeks.

i've kept maybe 1/3 of my strength gains, but all my size and weight are gone, and i returned to precycle bf%.

I've got my routine down, relatively simple somewhat based on 3x5 & 5x5, focused on compound movements.

I am an ectomorph, 5'8", 24 y/o, weight is currently 155 pounds @ 10% bf, i know i shouldn't have started at such a low weight but anyways i did, I want to get to my natural potential w/o gear before i attempt to use it again if I ever do.

honestly I just want to get where I was at during that cycle (170 @ 8-9% bf) naturally. So i figure i need to bulk to about 180-185 then cut.

I am currently eating 3000-3250 cals (tracked on fitday) with a Macro split of 40/30/30 carbs/fat/pro. i dont worry too much about nutrient timing eating clean or anything like that, i mean i try to do it when possible but i have a life so it's not always possible to do it perfectly.

anyways, how much weight can i expect to gain per week (i never go under 3k cals)...? I do limited cardio (15min 3x/week) just to feel slightly fit.

any advice for doing it natty before going back to gear?? sorry i know this is probably the wrong forum but people pay the most attention here.
Research some more on recovery and make sure its dialed in. How were your workouts post cycle? You have to stay dedicated. Also for some bros its just hard to keep focused especially after the extra test is out of the system. Remember its a marathon not a sprint. good luck.
Why would you take six weeks off from the gym? If you would have stayed in the gym and kept lifting you would not have lost so much. You can't just lift hard and eat good when your "ON", it's a lifestyle bro. Better luck next time.
Bulking is all about eating bro. You must force feed. BIG BLAST can help. VIGOR too. Heavy training, lots of rest. You;'ll get some size back. Stay focused.