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Euro-Pharmacies is manufactured in a state of the art facility.

About EP here.... Manufacturing info
"Euro-Pharmacies Product Authentication"

Typically, most products on the market often rely on security features such as holograms or other distinguished trade marks, this places many brands at a disadvantage.
Euro-Pharmacies authentication solution empowers everyone from the compounding manufacture right down the supply-chain to the distributors,
partners and all the way into the hands of the consumers by using a more advanced security feature such as a 2D representation serial and batch number platform.
These solutions detach counterfeits from the real authentication vision that makes it impossible for imitators to echo these top tier products that are produces by Euro-Pharmacies,
as always EP has the advantage with this cutting edge solution.

"Product Authentication program - click below"
Euro-Pharmacies encourages you to unlock your true potentials.

Euro-Pharmacies Carrier Oil information - ENSURING EXCELLENCE and what’s inside, matters most!

All Euro-Pharmacies oils are all synthetic and made with the finest pharma grade vehicle oils on the market,
some of these same carries are used world wide in clinics all around the world to avoid lymphatic acute reactions,
absolute NO food derivatives in order to avoid site irritation or localize swelling for utmost comfort!


Valuable information
With Euro-Pharmacies Oil based compounds - Absolutely NO EO-OIL is used or other food derivatives for carrier delivery method with all parenting hormones,
as EP understands the sensitivities due to allergic reactions with some carries.
EP's oil base products are smooth with less site irritation like most other carriers, while providing a more stable and longer shelf life of the suspended drugs.


1. Carrier Oils used in EP Injectable Products Line manufacturing processes are completely Pharmaceutical Grade.
100% Synthetic , Hypoallergenic and Completely Clear/Transparent in terms of Color properties.
(No tint- No impurity and Completely Infection/Contamination Proof)
A. Hormone Raw Materials batches applied in production processes Can Naturally differ in Color Tint Properties
Therefore it's sometimes possible that some particular EP Line Product Batches can differ in terms of color tint rate.(Due to 100% Clear - Transparent Carrier Oil Appearance Property)

2. Solely Pharmaceutical Grade Hormone Raw Materials used in EP Injectable Products Line manufacturing processes.
(Provided only by Official and Certified Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)

3. Solely Pharmaceutical Grade Hormone Raw Materials used in EP Oral Products Line manufacturing processes.
A. Professional and HIGHEST QUALITY Fillers applied to EP Oral Products Line. (ie. starch , PVP etc.)

More info

EP Line Crystal Clear/Pro. Carrier Oils Clarification
Original EP Line uses Pharma Grade Carrier Oils.
Some products such as Trenbolone will NOT be clear due to oxidization during the compounding process...
EP oil product uses only Pharma Grade carrier oils (synthetic/hypoallergenic/smooth/most efficiently dissolved-merged for customers convivence and well-being.
Most UGL's on the market do NOT uses such Pro./Expensive Oils.
These carrier oils are available mostly by way of Legit/Registered Pharma Grade Manufacturers as well as our compounding facility here at EP.


Euro-Pharmacies product line with oils have been proven with 100% certainty to have minimal immune response:
1. Second to None - user friendly experience for a smoother and Painless injection with each and every administration.
2. Body/System 100% Smooth & Effective applicability and response.
3. 100% Pharma Grade Feature of: dissolving/applying with the "essence" in the system/body right from the start.

EP Line "Essence" Origin and Quality matches those PG Carrier Oils Fully naturally.

Euro-Pharmacies team supervisor


Take a look at these pics, these are just some...

Here you see blister packs, sealed containers, leaflets and ampules and so much more.. This is not some basement brew operation or fly-by-night lab.. This is the big leagues, with state of the art of equipment with some serious investors.

Below - Pharma quality HGH chambers by EP, is an example of the state of the art, top shelf products that are manufactured..


Click images for direct access to EP's product site, for info on product authentication, pics,
test results and NEW released product and much more.

Educational purposes ONLY.

Ampules and 10mL vials

Orals, color coded and white tablets, sachets and blister packs.


And.... These new bad boys..

::example pics below::

REt5hnK.jpg "PSL"

To learn more about Euro-Pharmacies Lab Test Results

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Re: Grand OPENING here on Evo! (lab work included)

If anyone wants a coupon code to use on - feel free to send me a private message, visitor message or email (link in my signature)
Re: Grand OPENING here on Evo! (lab work included)

Absolutely love the podcast !
Re: Grand OPENING here on Evo! (lab work included)

If anyone wants a coupon code to use on - feel free to send me a private message, visitor message or email (link in my signature)

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