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Cycle Question


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don't use steroids that are fake!

stick to domestic supply only

i would do a simple stack

test and eq. 350mgs each
Hoping I can get some feedback and suggestions. Im a 47 year old male 5 7 and currently about 175-180. I have worked out my entire life from about 17-35 which i then stopped for about 10 years. The last six months i have been solid in the gym with no breaks. I used a cheap test booster and creatine which I went from 163 to where I am at now about 175. Back in my younger day I did a few cycles Dbol, Tren, Test,Deca,ect and was pretty big. Anyway, Im now 47 and also type 1 diabetic for about the last 7 years. Have pretty good control and bloodwork for cholestrol levels, ect in check. I was thinking of doing a cycle again and wonder any suggestions. Been about 12 years since I have done anything and now diabetic wonder what would be some sugestions. Looking to be safe and dont know being slow long if just some test alone would be a good start. Any feedback would be appreicated. Thanks

What caused this?
I am fan of the SARMs option but if you go with steroids, test only will be just fine. 12 years is a long time to be off gear so you won't need anything else.
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