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Best training split\# training days while bulking


New member
What is the optimum amout of training days or split while on gear? Tryin to bulk
What i'm doing now:
Mon: Chest
Tues: Legs
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Back
Fri: Shoulders
Sat: Arms
Sun: Rest
Start over!

Greek Freak

New member
Diet and not training is what plays the largest role in bulking as long as you have proper rest. Training shoulders the day after back isnt always good, and neither is training tri's after shoulders(cause tri's are secondary muscles in a lot of the shoulder exercises). What I would reccomend doing is putting shoulders and arms on the same day and taking a third off day to give you enough recovery. Up your cals(there are websites and formulas to calculate about how many cals you burn a day, so you would need to take in more than that to gain, which most people dont do) but keep them clean and you should gain some good weight.

*when i said to group shoulders and arms, i mean to put them both on saturday so you dont have two off days in a row, and so your biceps can recover a bit after the back workout.


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Perhaps you should try Corn's 3 day per week training. I would think that if you stuck to that, and had a good diet, you can grow as much as you want.

BTW- what are you using in your cycle?


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i'm on 500sus and 400eq for my first cycle its thursday of my 4th week on. Not any signifigant results so far and i'm pissed , i haven't even cheated with going out and drinking one time!