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Bad Tendonitis in Elbows


New member
For about two years now I have been dealing with worsening tendonitis in both of my elbows. The pain isn't on the back of my elbow, but rather on the sides that face my body when I put my arms down, right on the side of that knobby bone we have there where the tendons connect.

I went to physical therapy for a few months and did a bunch of stretches, some electro stimulation, and some machine they used that shot really quick sharp sound pulses into the affected area (I don't remember the name of that treatment). It eventually got better, but once I stopped the therapy it came back within a month.

I then went to an orthopedist and got a cortisone shot in each arm. That took the pain away completely, but after a few months it came back and now I'm dealing with it again.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to deal with this? I've even taken breaks to no avail. I just took a month off from lifting because I was in Europe for two weeks and then caught a sinus infection while I was there so I was sick for another two weeks after being home. Even being out of the gym for a month did nothing. In fact, the pain didn't even go away.
I am facing a similar pain in both my elbows. My doctor has advised a few stretching exercises and also asked to avoid lifting heavy things. Hopefully this should make me feel better.