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Anyone get too jittery using thermogenics?


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I have started cutting up since I ended a sust/deca bulker about 3 weeks ago to lose some of the fat I gained, so I've been slowly adding in some Hydroxycut and Xenadrine (w/ ephedra). I take a very low dosage, maybe about half what they recommend for each, but I still feel a little too jittery, even through the evening hours and I take it only in the morning. Is there any other way to aid in fat burning without having to use thermogenics, since it is evident my body doesnt respond well to stimulants? I have reduced cals/carbs and added cardio, and that has helped, but I still would like to add something to really melt away that extra layer I've added...any ideas?
xenedrine never worked for me and made me feel liek i ripped a huge track. Hydroxycut worked mad good the first tiem but it was a temperary solution. Plan on trying yohimburn and thermorexin in january
I get like that myself still after many years of use. Usually only lasts for the first couple of days though before it gradually subsides. I really can't stand using thermogenics either when I'm dieting. The combination of being jacked up along with being hungry and irritable is NOT GOOD! Talk about roid rage, w/o the roids!
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