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workout journal

  1. B

    Let me know what you think! My 8 weeks workout plan!

    Hello all! I’m new here and I am interested to know what you think about my 8 weeks workout plan! first I’d like to say that I have been playing hockey for 25 years now and I am used to working out. Unfortunately I ripped my groin two years ago and got diagnosed with a herniated cervical last...
  2. W

    Starting a new Journal for my next cycle, Opinions welcome!

    Whats Up my name is Michael, and I am starting a new workout journal for my next cycle starting this week. I am open to any and all opinions for i am here to learn. Age: 25 Height: 5'11 Weight: 180 Body fat: 14% My goals are as follows: I am going to gain 20-30 pounds of lean muscle by...
  3. W

    Any one have a good workout routine and nutrition tips for taking anabolics?

    I am (25 years old, 6,1, 175 lbs), and have been working out for about 5 years now. I am experiencing anabolics for the first time and was wanting to know if anybody had a good routine to use while on anabolics. I have just ordered the squat monster muscle stack. it consist of DMZ 1, Halo-x...
  4. oso0960

    Oso's Log

    Stats 19yrs old 6'1 195lbs 12-15% Body Fat Squat ~ 315 Bench ~ 215 Deadlift ~ 355 Press ~ 135 Goals Lower Body Fat % Squat – 365 x 3 Bench – 245 x 4 Deadlift – 445 x 1 Press – 155 x 7 These are my personal bests @248lbs. I lost a lot of strength from various things...glycogen depleted, lower...
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