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    Arm growth

    I am looking to build up my arms Can someone help me setup a workout using the below exercises Should i do 5 sets of each? Hammer curls Dumbbell tricep extensions Wrist flexion Bicep curls
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    Understanding split routines

    Can you share some tips when it comes to setting up a split routine. Is it okay to work both sides of a muscle. Example can I work a bicep and tricep in the same workout as an arm split or is it best to separate them on different days. I'm looking for the most efficient workouts I can only lift...
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    triceps and back day

    I am confused about my split routine because I am doing a tricep and back day in the same session. This is the training protocol my personal trainer put me on. My question is my triceps work the back of my arm and my back is going to be pulling exercises. Don't they run counter to each other
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