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  1. J

    How much strength from sarms?

    I want to start improving my strength via sarms My concern is how much sarms i need to use to get results If i use rad140 would i keep increasing the dose until i start to feel side effects? My currently lifts are bench press 150 pounds, squat 200 pounds I’m 22 years old and 152 pounds
  2. X

    Squat session tips

    I'm tired of going to the gym and having to stand in line to use the squat rack So i bought my own for my garage So now i can spend an entire workout just doing squats My plan was to do 5 sets of 12 reps, then go heavier and do 5 sets of 5 reps. Then do some drop sets where i do a few more...
  3. A

    do you use a belt?

    I was always under the impression that you should always usea belt when you squat to protect your lower back or else you could run intoinjuries. But apparently I could be wrong that is why I am here to askif you think I should use them or not what are the benefits of using one?
  4. D

    Using RAD by itself

    Don’t tell me you cannot run RAD140 on its own because i know you can, a couple buddies of mine have done it. Please don’t try and sell me more sarms please. I want to boost muscle size and strength. If i did RAD140 at 50mg a day by itself for 12 weeks how much would i gain on my squat if i am...
  5. E

    Bar Slipping?

    Hi, When I squat the bar doesn't grip my back as well as I want it. The bar feels slippery on certain shirts I wear. When I bench, my shirt makes my set-up feel less stable as well due to the slipping. Has anyone else experienced this? Aside from chalking the back of my shirt, are there any...
  6. Lou Super Man 123

    Pit Shark Squats

    Is there any chance to get a cheap or used Pit Shark Squat machine? My god they are expensive! I wish I could build one, I believe I will try to make one soon if I can't catch a cheap one.
  7. B

    Knee wraps?

    I see many powerlifters on youtube like aj roberts and andy bolton and others use this white knee wrap. Ive been trying to figure out what there called but cant get it! Anyone know what wraps they are??
  8. yunusmile

    snatch + clean n jerk instead of deadlift and squat

    my legs are already strong and big i just want to train my upper body and core. i heard these lifts give good shoulder and core power and they look like deadlift and front squat combined in high speed. is it ok if i drop deadlift and squat ( there is no squat rack anyway) and do snatch or clean...
  9. B

    how do you guys like the inzer z suit?

    i just got my z suit in the mail today and it was a bitch to put on but gives great support i cant even bend over or squat without weight i can feel a brand new pr coming up I'm hoping to go from 375 raw to 425 with wraps and suit
  10. S

    Can anyone recommend a good squat rack?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this site and have just started my 5x5 routine. I've got most of the gear I need in my house (bench press, lat pulldown, free weights) however I am missing a what has now become a essential piece of equipment, a squat rack! So far I've just been using my upper body to...
  11. Hellawulf

    Squat Problem - Pulling Upper Hamstring

    Yesterday I was squatting fairly light (only 220 pounds) and at about the fourth rep, all the sudden a sharp pain shot up my leg, I pushed the weight up and racked it and quit on squats. Now whenever I sit down or move my leg a certain way it almost in between the groin and the hamstring. So I...
  12. G

    Squat Form Check

    Making gains on the 5X5 intermediate madcow. Would appreciate some feed back on my squat. Took advice from last post and been applying it. Thanks! YouTube - Squat Form Check
  13. Tblock1

    How to convince someone to do parallel squats?

    So I went working out with some new buddies and they did squats but they were like half squats, and I couldnt convince them to do full ones. How do you convince people that they should be doing squats to parallel or deeper?
  14. T

    Beginner Lifting Routine ... needing advise....

    Good Morning everyone. I used to lift back in high school and was never really too in shape. things happened , I gained weight and now am back in shape and ready to go. I have started a " Total Body " workout that looks like this: Dumbbell Squat and OverHead Press- 3 sets ( 10,8,6) Dumbell...
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