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  1. Y

    using SERM’s vs. AI’s on cycle?

    I’ve read that SERM’s are less of a problem then AI’s. Because they will not cause the low estrogen side effects like killing libido, erection issues or mood swings like AI’s will with that said I’ve seen some old school bodybuilders who insist that they still use nolva on cycle and have never...
  2. M

    Ostarine at age 20

    So I've been getting mixed info. I'm 20 and have been training hard since I was 16. On some forums they say no... Wait until your 21. Others just say there's no magic number and that 20 should be fine if I don't dose too high, too long and if I do a proper pct. What's the verdict? If I take...
  3. O

    Toremifene as PCT for LGD-4033?

    Hey guys, first post here :D I just ordered a bottle of LGD-4033 from BSP (are you allowed to link to/talk about non-sponsors here btw?), so now I need a good PCT. Most people, for some reason, still seems to recommend 1st gen SERM PCTs like Clomid and Novarex even though 2nd gen SERMS like...
  4. M

    Early Gyno on Osta

    I recently started my first ever cycle of any PED, only to notice my left nipple becoming puffy merely 4 days in. There is no pain and no hard gland (as far as I can tell) at the current time. I was dosing Ostarine at 12.5mg ED, so I guess I may just be gyno prone, or I'm imagining things...
  5. S

    When to start Xosterone/Dermacrine

    I ran RS-Transaderm with Formas for 6 weeks with 8 pumps of transaderm and 10 pumps of forma every day. I ended transaderm 3 weeks ago. I have continued using 10 pumps of forma and ive been taking 5 caps of Hcgenerate every day since then. I want to run Xosterone and Dermacrine but want to be...
  6. Mr.GoodNice

    LGD 4033 + PCT and Uniquemicals Help

    Hi, friends. I'm new here and hope this is the right area to post this; my apologies if it's not. I have a 2 part question - first about the SARM cycle and then an issue with Uniquemicals. I'm going to run a SARM cycle for the first time and would like your help/opinions. So far I have...
  7. G

    Clomid or Nolva?

    Hey everyone, I'm a new member and this is my first time posting here. I am about to start an 8 week cycle of an h'drol and tren stack (oral PH's) as soon as I get my PCT in order. I have been researching the PCT for some time and I am getting mixed information as to which SERM to run...
  8. nickb86

    Serms-a must read !

    SERMS. All the time see people asking for help on their cycles and PCT and what to include in their plans, a lot of the time I will see the mention of Serm and that its best used in the PCT/post cycle therapy period. But do any of you ever ask how or why you’ve included them? In this thread I...
  9. nickb86

    HCG vs Hcgenerate !

    HCGenerate Vs HCG. The purpose of these two products is to prevent testicular atrophy and shutdown when an AAS user is on cycle. They serve in slightly different ways to restore testicular function and prevent shutdown which are as follows: HCGenerate: This is a natural product that comes in...
  10. nickb86

    HCGenerate-explained !

    HCGenerate This is a natural product that comes in the form of capsules and is designed to prevent testicular atrophy and shutdown. It may be used on cycle as a testicular support and also in pct to restore HPTA functions. It is used as an aid/stack and also a replacement/substitute to HCG...
  11. zsimpson22

    Otc pct?

    Ive been hearing a lot of hype about over the counter pct supplements being just as effective as nolva or clomid. Particulary this "unleashed/post cycle support" that people have been talking to me about. What do you guys think? Is this just as effective as serm's?
  12. C

    Starting a cycle of andro, 1-T, comments and suggestions accepted

    Hello all, new to the site and im about to run a cycle of 1-t and andro. I have ran chlorodrol-50 twice in the past, epi once and used numerous pcts. I do suffer from mild gyno (small lump under right nip) and I dont know if its from a bad pct or running test wrong a few weeks after my pct for 2...
  13. B

    SERMS - Nolva/Clomid/Evista/Letro etc...

    Hey all, Can we have a quick chat regaring SERMS... I have been doing quite a bit of research and have come across a whole bunch of SERMS and different information on each. I have seen such claims as Letro works the best for fighting off Gyno if it appears, but then I have also read that...
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