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  1. JimAbs43 Episode 452 Dylan Gemelli interview all about YK11 and RAD140. Episode 452 Dylan Gemelli interview all about YK11 and RAD140.
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    Using insulin with sarms?

    Anyone try stacking sarms with insulin before? my goal is to balk I want to gain about 20 lb if I were to run 2ius of insulin before my biggest meals of the day and then use sarms how would you do it? RAD140 and YK11 is what i have on hand, i have 2 bottles of each. should I buy...
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    LGD and RAD only

    I just want to use RAD140 and LGD4033 don’t want to use anything else I’m 25 6’1’’ 156 pounds I want to clean bulk I am upping my calories by 1000 per day already, don’t want to put on fat though what dosages would you use of both? 30Mg of each good or less okay?
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    LGD and RAD cycle

    I read that both LGD4033 and RAD140 are very similar in nature does this mean that if I stack them both I will get double the results? I was looking at using 20mgs of each I’m 33 years old and 170 pounds, want to build lean size
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    getting impatient on sarms

    I’m using a stack of sarms. LGD4033, gW cardarine, and RAD140 together. I’m doing 20mgs of each on this cycle This is my first time using sarms and I’m 22 years old. I am noticing I am getting really impatient lately with my parents and boyfriend on this stuff. Also I yelled at the waitress...
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    are sarms safe for females?

    I read a lot of threads on forums and people say that sarms are okay for chicks, the problem is I know a couple females who ran them recently and they had several bad side effects. One started to grow facial hair, and the other was getting really bad skin issues on them. I think she said she...
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    do I need anything with sarms?

    I was wondering what I needed to use with sarms in terms of support supps, an AI, hcg, and that sort of thing. I am 30 years old and 5’9’’ 167 pounds. My sarms stack will be: GW cardarine 20mg a day RAD140 20mg a day debating between YK11 and S23 as my 3rd sarm. If I went with this stack what...
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    Running my Next Rad cycle

    I have already run rad 140 with good results I put on about 8 lb of muscle mass. My current stats are six foot one, 240 lb, and 22% body fat. My next cycle I think I want to cut down more and get my body fat closer to 15%. should I try rad140 again but this time add in GW 501 516 cardarine?
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    Using RAD by itself

    Don’t tell me you cannot run RAD140 on its own because i know you can, a couple buddies of mine have done it. Please don’t try and sell me more sarms please. I want to boost muscle size and strength. If i did RAD140 at 50mg a day by itself for 12 weeks how much would i gain on my squat if i am...
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    Using sarms along with antibiotics

    I was diagnosed with an STD after having some issues and the doctor put me on an antibiotic for the next six weeks which hopefully will clear it up. I also want to run sarms though and had planned a cycle this whole time GW cardarine and rad140. My question is will the antibiotics interfere...
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    Need Gemelli’s help with rad140

    hey I'm 36 years old and I weigh 205 lb, and I'm 22% body fat which I'm working hard to get rid of. I'm using rad 140 which I purchased two bottles of and I'm running 15 to 20 mg a day of it. I am about 7 weeks into it and I feel like my games are slowing down a lot. should I stop using it and...
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    12 week sarms stack

    I am finishing up my 12 week sarm stack of RAD140, MK677 and ostarineMK2866. I ran this triple stack and have been very happy with the results although I think had I trained harder and ate better I would have had even better results. My question is after I do 4 week pct, how long do I have to...
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    RAD140 and Nutrobal stacking?

    I am going to be dosing both of these together in a stack. I have used sarms a couple times and had good results before, but this time I wanted to try both RAD140 testolone and Nutrobal MK677 for the first time together. What do you think is the optimal dosing and amount of time on them?
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    Testolone RAD140 dosages

    my wife and I want to use RAD140 Testolone, heard it is safe for both genders and gives great results, one of the stronger sarms. That is good news and my wife is excited to use it together. My question is what are the dosages for males and females or do we run both the same amounts per day?
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    bad sides from sarms female

    Female here 36 years old 5’6’’, 150 pounds, middle body fat weight, not fat but not skinny either. Have some fat. I am using sarms LGD4033 anabolicum and RAD140 testolone and am on week 3 and having bad side effects. Using enhanced athlete sarms. Growing some facial hair and getting acne...
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    sarms to build lean muscle

    Hey I wanted to ask you guys about a sarms stack I had in mind. My goals first are to drop weight from 265 pounds down to 220 pounds. I know this won’t happen on 1 cycle but it was a year goal for me. The sarms I am interested in are rad140 testolone, GW cardarine, and s4 andarine. How would...
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    odor from sarms?

    I am using RAD140 and LGD4033 anabolicum together. Doing a dosage of 50mg a day of the RAD and 60mg a day of the LGD in pill form. I am getting really good results and noticing some weird sides like urine weird colors and also body odor. It smells like bad especially when I sweat, what Is this?
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    before/after sarms?

    Hey can you give me an idea of what I can expect from a sarms cycle before and after from your own experiences. This will be my first serious sarms cycle, I have used them before in pill form but I think I took fake stuff. What will real sarms do for your body? Thinking of using RAD140 and S4...
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    just using RAD140

    I want to get some recomping done ahead of the spring as I will be getting back in the dating grind after a long marriage. I put on some fat while married dealing with all that stress of a divorce. Now that everything is done I am around 18% body fat which is higher than I have ever been. I am...
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    strongest sarm is?

    I wanted to hear your opinions of the strongest sarms of 2021 that is out there. I hear that RAD140 is the strongest and then someone else said a new one called S23 was so strong that it caused infertility in men… what are your opinions on this and where do you see things going in 5 years with...