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    Doubling up my sarms stack

    1st sarms cycle was 10mgs of RAD140 and 15mgs of gw cardarine Got good results. Leaned up nicely and put on about 3 pounds or so 2nd cycle i want to be More aggressive I would like to double up the dosing and also the amount i am using. Want to hit 30mgs of GW and maybe 20mgs of RAD What is your...
  2. K

    Sarms bulking options

    Looking to bulk up this time I’ve got several sarms options to choose from The first is RAD140 + YK11. heard this one is pretty good for size The 2nd is YK11 +S23. This one on paper looks really strong, almost too strong? And the 3rd is S4 andarine + RAD + LGD. S4 a lot of mixed review on it...
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    Trying to regain strength with sarms

    A couple years ago I did some sarms, this time I want to do them again and trying to regain some of my strength after taking some time away from the gym I'm currently over 20% body fat 217 lb and 5 ft 10 in at my Max I was 236 lb and I was benching over 300 lb no problem Here is the stack i want...
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    Rad140 is mild or strong?

    Looking for some tips and advice on rad140 How strong is this stuff and how much can i use where it won’t shut me down? I’m 24 years old and don’t want to use steroids. So i want to use sarms this time 10mgs a day of rad140 gonna shut me down or no? My stats are 5’8’’ 175 pounds and a modest 18%...
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    Sarms gw stacking

    40 years old Out of the gym 3 years 5’11’’ 180 pounds 12% body fat I have several sarms i want to use GW cardarine 20mgs/day Lgd4033 20mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day 12 weeks good?
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    Stacking sarms like this

    I’ve got a few sarms i want to stack together S23 20mgs a day Rad140 20mgs a day Sr9009 30mgs a day split dose I’m 6’1’’ 245 pounds and 25% body fat Looking to lose weight, i’m in my 40’s
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    Cardarine + RAD?

    I'm 28 years old and my goal is to bulk but also I want to cut down body fat Right now i am around 180 pounds and i am 5’10’’ I purchased a couple bottles of cardarine gw and rad140 if I want to bulk up about 5 to 10 lb and also lose body fat what would be the dosing on these products? and...
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    No results on sarms so far

    I know it's really early the panic but I just wanted to update you on my sarms cycle I’m 5’6’’ and 142 pounds and 24 years old I am only up about 6 pounds so far after 8 weeks on I’m using lgd4033 and rad140. Doing 5mgs of each when will I start making real gains?
  9. K

    Do sarms effect mood?

    I am in my late twenties and I've used anabolic steroids before and they definitely mess with my mood. I was getting very short-tempered and also getting compulsive aggressive with people do sarms have the same effects? I’m at 189 pounds and want to get over 200 pounds by using them. I’m 6’2’’...
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    Why is acne worse on sarms?

    I’m 22 years old 5 ft 10 in tall, 210 pounds I'm wondering why my acne is getting worse on sarms I had a lot of acne issues as a teenager and its gotten better but now its really bad. Getting it on the face and back I’m using ostarine mk2866 and RAD140. Doing 25mgs of each and its been 8 weeks on
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    Using LGD/RAD optimally

    I see a lot of people on reddit who like the lgd4033 + rad140 stack They usually run 10-15mgs a day and have good results I’m 195 pounds and 5’5’’ so i am a bit overweight for my height do you think I should stack in something to help with cutting as well or should I just focus on these...
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    3 things you shouldn’t do on sarms

    what are three things that you shouldn't be doing when using sarms ? My stack is going to be RAD140 and LGD4033. Looking forward to getting some good gains on this I'm 5 ft 8 178 lb 20% body fat If i can drop to 15% and gain muscle that would be awesome. What are a few tips you can give me...
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    RAD140 is stronger than LGD?

    If I was to compare lgd 4033 and rad 140 which one would you think was Stronger? I'm 5 ft 7 in and I weigh 162 lb. my goal is to gain about 10 lb of lean muscle mass and also lose a couple pounds of fat at the same time. that would be most ideal I'm currently lifting 4 times a week and I've...
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    recomping on sarms

    my budget is only $500 and I want to recomp on sarms which sarm stack would you put together for me and would it be possible to just run 2? I think sr9009 and rad140 are 2 i was looking at stacking I'm 36 years old 5 ft 9 in 176 lb I've been training for the past 12 years but took...
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    Feeling aggressive sarms

    I have been using sarms for 2 weeks and I'm starting to get really aggressive and impatient with people. I was at a restaurant the other day and the girl forgot to bring me my fajitas and I snapped on her and then snapped on my girlfriend afterwards. My girlfriend ran out of the restaurant...
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    Sarms and insulin benefits

    I was thinking about doing a bulker but i don’t want to get shut down neither sarms or insulin are known to shut people down so that is what I want to try to bulk up I was thinking of doing 3iu’s insulin before meals And then doing rad140 and lgd3033 10mgs each. Raising to 20mg after...
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    How to gain and bulk on sarms

    I'm looking to bulk using sarms I’m 6’1’’ 158 pounds 11% body fat I don't mind putting on a little body fat but I want to add some size to my frame because I'm too skinny I had yk11, rad140, and lgd4033 on my list to take Are there better sarms than this for bulking. How about...
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    Can sarms cause aggression

    I'm usually a very well-mannered person but the other day I snapped on my wife and we had a big blow up fight and I ended up leaving and staying in a hotel room and cheating on her I regret my actions a lot and I blame sarms for it I'm currently doing RAD140 and YK11. i bought both from proven...
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    Weird hives on sarms

    I've been using sarms for 5 days and I'm starting to get some really bad hives on my body I’m using RAD140 and LGD4033. Using 5mg of each I’m a female and also noticing some weird things happening when i pee, like a yellow blobby substance. I’m concerned what this is
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    What to look for with RAD and LGD cycles

    I'm 33 years old 6 ft 1 inch and I weigh around 200 lb I'm going to be running my next sarms cycle. the first time I ran them I didn't really know what I was running and I don't think I was really using the real thing. This time i have RAD140, LGD4033 and GW cardarine on hand going to run all...