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  1. K

    Best fat burning stack

    I'm very motivated to get myself into great shape and burn body fat I'm using oxypro elite as a preworkout Its been 2 weeks on and it feels like i am getting hit by a truck. Feels worse than being on clen what are some other thermogenic pre-workout or caffeine supplements that you can recommend...
  2. R

    Preworkout powder or caps?

    what is the best thing to use pre-workout if I want to get sustainable energy during my lifts without losing muscle strength? I try different stimulants that were powders and they seem to really be strong for about 10 or 15 minutes then I crash hard.
  3. JimAbs43 Episode 455 Preworkout steroids and Girlfriend found steroid stash. Episode 455 Preworkout steroids and Girlfriend found steroid stash.
  4. T

    first time sarms cycle 27 years old

    I am 27 years old and 6 foot tall 230 pounds. Body fat is high, probably mid 20’s% oh well. 10 years of training off and on. I want to burn off some fat obviously and get into better shape. I am currently using creating HCL and a preworkout. I am looking for the best sarm that won’t give me...
  5. T

    Best PreWorkout?

    I know athletic xtreme's preworkout is the best I have had. ITs called Supersize and it doesnt contain the 1,3 dimethyl that many other products contain thats been recalled. Its on sale for only $19 for 60 servings athleticxtreme. com/ products / supersize
  6. IncredibleHoss

    Atomic Tabs Yay!! Energy!

    Ordered a 5pk orange. Anybody try berry yet? I was forunate enough to receive a sample a few weeks back and loved it. I drink coffee, red bull or some kind of energy drink almost daily. This is going to avoid all the sugars and crap in there. Id rather drink water and stay clean. My gf...
  7. PapaBear

    Atomic tabs! Chewable Energy Tablets

    I recieved my mr supps order yesterday with a sample bag of Atomic Tabs. thanks mr supps! Decided to do a little review on them I have 8 am to 1 classes so I popped one before class taste is pretty good not so great after taste but I wasn't falling asleep in my last class of the day like...
  8. IncredibleHoss

    Atomic Tabs (Chewable Energy) Coming!! - A Better Energy Supplement.

    Should be on the n2bm website this morning. hopefully some of you got to try samples but this will replace coffee and redbull for me.. Loved the taste and affect. Pm me if you want a discount code. Im ready to order a box and be set for awhile. -Hoss
  9. Dial_tone

    Atomic Tabs Chewable Energy Tablets =

    Solid! I gave them a shot today. This morning was quad day, week 3 of my Wendler cycle. Squat warmup then 290x5 330x3 370x8* ass to ankles 225x18 (no spot) leg press 855x15x4 sets seated leg curls 90-110x12x4 sets stretching * - I'm 47 and didn't lift at all last year, sue me. I didn't...
  10. SpyWizard

    Atomic Tabs review. Energy Supplement!

    Ok, got them today, in orange, will try and keep this in real time for the review.. had a big lunch about 30 minutes ago, feeling sluggish and consumed 1 tab to evaluate any instant energy/flash.. we'll see. will be working out in 1 hour..
  11. M

    Atomic tabs chewable energy sample review

    Just had the free sample of Atomic Tabs and i must say these are really good! To compare, I have tried power chews BCAA. It's a bit sweeter and doesn't taste like there is much supplement powder in it. While there is still some after taste it goes away really quickly. Energy wise it delivers...
  12. IncredibleHoss

    Atomic Tabs - Chewable Energy. Supplement Review:!

    So I received my sample and Just want to give everybody my opinion on the upcoming Atomic Tabs. Note: This is NOT a PREWORKOUT. I used my 1st chewable right before going to work. I actually felt wide awake and had a very productive day with no crash. I popped 2 last night (1 at 4pm and 1 at...
  13. M

    ***My Official Review of Atomic Tabs Energy Chews***

    So I recieved a tube of them in the mail yesterday (yeah, I got it like that) and popped one to try this morning. So far here is what I think of them... Taste really good, if you've tried power chews they're tastey like that. Seems as tho they kick in pretty quickly i'm gonna guess maybe like...
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