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    What do you think about my carb meals?

    This is going to be my diet for tomorrow when it comes to carb intake I'm around 185 lb and I am 5'7 First meal will be cut oats 2nd carb meal is white rice mixed with wild rice 3rd meal is fruit, usually melon or bananas Total carbs for the day is around 200g On rest days i plan to add in 10...
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    Bulk Shake options

    I want to get a shake that can help me get bigger but I don't want to take anything with sugar. I was thinking of adding in Fruit, oats, protein powder, and egg whites. Has anyone ever try this mixture and how did it taste and what were your results on it. I'm currently 135 lb and want to gain 20 lb
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    Cooking rolled oats

    I bought a pound of organic rolled oats the other day in bulk for under a dollar on sale, I figured let me try something different as I've never been an oatmeal eater. these aren't the instant oatmeal that you just pop in the microwave, they are raw. Is there a way that you guys cook these to...
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    eating on cycle

    I am on my fourth or fifth cycle and my appetite has been going up and down cause I am using trenbolone. I am doing 5 meals a day right now. Breakfast is eggs, cheese, spinach and bacon. My next few meals are cooked turkey or chicken with rice. And then my last meal is usually small steak...
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