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  1. C

    nutrobal + yk11 for a yin/yang stacking

    currently 27yrs old, 5x a week training and cardio 4x a week. My main concern is recovery and muscle and strength gains. I’m 207 pounds and six foot three inches. looking to do nutrobal and yk11 on my next stack. What do you think about using 15mgs of yk11 along with 25mgs of nutrobal. Also 4...
  2. A

    choosing between 2 sarms

    so I have a choice of using 2 sarms + adding in a bonus sarm my plan is this: GW 12 weeks 20mgs a day ostarine 12 weeks 50mgs a day adding in nutrobal for 4 weeks to start and finish the stack looking to get lean bulking I’m 5 foot 7 148 pounds and 26 years old is this a good plan
  3. V

    nutrobal and ostarine with what?

    I want to use nutrobal and ostarine on my next cycle what are going to be the best sarms to stack with it? Want to use GW and SR and get the best recomping effects I’m 16 percent body fat and I would like to drop down to maybe 12 or 13 percent also would like to get a little stronger and build...
  4. P

    difference between nutrobal and ostarine?

    What are the main differences between using nutrobal and ostarine? I mean aren’t they both similar since they’re both part of the MK group of sarms? If not why are they both called MK, that seems weird to me just trying to learn about both of them if you had to choose ONE only to use which would...
  5. Z

    how to use nutrobal when cutting?

    I know nutrobal boosts appetite a buddy of mine says that he ate more food and still lost body fat when using it that is pretty cool I already have a huge appetite I’m currently five foot ten and 195 pounds. I’m looking to cut down with nutrobal help you think I should use ostarine with it or...
  6. S

    sick of my physique being poor sarms options?

    I’m getting tired of my poor physique and I would like to get it improved I’m 33 years old and I have two children and ever since I got kids I’ve been out of shape and I struggled to get back into shape it’s a combination of lack of motivation and also unable to get results when I do train...
  7. R

    nutrobal cycle and thoughts

    so I am three weeks into my current nutrobal mk677 cycle so far noticed a definite improvement with my sleep and also with my appetite I’m super hungry all the time and it feels like I’m starving LOL I put on about four pounds and it seems to be weird because it doesn’t look like that I’ve...
  8. J

    The best sarms stack 3 of them

    Seeking monstro and CEO’s help on this one. Both have been good bros in the past with solid advice i have taken I’ve got 3 sarms i and very motivated to try that I haven't before They are: Sr9009, nutrobal and ACP I know all 3 are very different sarms that do different things let's say I'm 260...
  9. W

    Bulking with nutrobal + RAD

    I know I'm weird but I would like to use sarms to bulk up instead of steroids I'm only 23 years old and I don't feel like I'm running for steroids yet so I'm going to go this route Nutrobal i read is very good for bulking because of how it helps with partitioning and appetite How much should i...
  10. M

    Okay so sarms is great for recomp huh?

    I’m gonna try sarms for recomp and see what happens My goal is to lose 2% body fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle. I don’t think that is too much to ask I’m starting at 165 pounds and 15% body fat and i’m 33 years old My 3 sarms i’m using Nutrobal mk677 25mgs per day Sr9009 25mgs per day Rad140...
  11. V

    Help with nutrobal mk677 and sr9009

    I’m looking to stack nutrobal and sr together Heard some good things about these I do crossfit. 5x per week, guys i train with are always yapping about how they are using them together. Never opened my mouth because everyone is an expert I’m coming to you guys for guidance on how to use them and...
  12. JimAbs43

    Podcast 548 - SARMS Experiences Nutrobal Mk677 and more 548 - SARMS Experiences Nutrobal Mk677 and more
  13. W

    Need gains in 5 weeks on sarms

    I’m in a rush to get good results Less body fat, more strength and more size Vascularity is also very important I want to look good. basically I'm 6 weeks away from my vacation and I want to look great with no shirt on. don't want to go out there looking like a fool if it's going to be on a...
  14. H

    Sr9009 and mk nutrobal

    Haven’t see anyone talk about stacking these two Mk677 nutrobal i have 3 bottles of Sr9009 i have 2 bottles of My stats are 92 kg and 185 cm. I've been training for 5 years and my body fats 12% . my goal is to drop more body fat and also increase my lean muscle mass, so a simple recomp What are...
  15. Y

    Stacking winny and nutrobal

    Gonna go for a yin and yang effect doing both winstrol and nutrobal mk677 The winny dose will be 50-100mgs (will adjust dosage as i go) And the ostarine will be 20mgs throughout. Will not move the dose cause i want to see the effects. Its gonna be a 6 week cycle and i’m 165 lb at 5 ft 10 in. my...
  16. D

    Clean bulking with nutrobal?

    I’m looking to do a clean bulk up with nutrobal mk677 My plan is to take 10mgs in the AM then 25mgs in the PM My diet will be 6 eggs breakfast with raw oats 8oz steak and potatoes for lunch brown rice, chicken, broccoli for dinner Planning on doing this for 12 weeks What sort of results should i...
  17. X

    Ostarine and nutrobal for healing

    I’m ready to boost my healing with ostarine mk2866 and nutrobal mk677 The MK pair I read was one of the best for recovery and healing I'm dealing with a current issue with my leg. getting a lot of pain especially in my calves when I am running my question is what kind of dosing should I do...
  18. W

    More muscle on female

    I have been focused on losing weight but I think I've lost too much and I took down a lot of muscle with me currently 46 years old but have been really lazy when it comes to weight training and just getting weight loss from diet alone. I would like to build back up and start training again at...
  19. A

    Doing some lgd4033 and mk677 to bulk up

    I’m 2 weeks into 10mgs of lgd per day and doing 15mgs of nutrobal mk677 along with it I take the LGD AM and run the nutrobal in the PM pre sleep. My sleep has improved a lot I definitely sleep harder and can feel that working for that however overall I'm not really seeing any Iron clad results...
  20. C

    Using nolvadex with sarms as my test base?

    Would it be dumb to use an nolvadex on cycle as my testosterone base? I'm going to be running lgd 4033 and mk677 nutrobal together. I'm doing 20 mg a day of the lgd and then around 50 mg a day of the MK Then using around 20-40mgs a day of the nolvadex Would this help or make my gains worse on...
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