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  1. J

    Lowest dose anavar for females

    I'm looking for the lowest dose of anavar for females that is also effective I’ve heard numbers from 1mg a day up to 5 or even 10mgs also seeing some posts from females that said they have ran it up to 15 mg a day because they weren't getting any results at a lower amount do you think that is...
  2. P

    Keepable gains on this stack

    I'm 5 ft 10 in 34 years old 210 lb I've got a good muscular frame but I have a hard time keeping it. Last 2 cycles lost half my results my goal is to get over 230 lb. Would using trenbolone 250mgs a week along with testosterone cypionate 250 mg a week be a good stack for holding my gains?
  3. N

    Winstrol for sprinting

    I am a sprinter who does 400 m and 800 M runs I was wondering how much winstrol works best? I’m 24 years old and 5’10’’ 7% body fat and muscular also do I need to run with it to get the most benefits. A lot of guys i run with use it but we don’t discuss dosages
  4. C

    Learning To Train solo

    I'm a very muscular guy but also very stocky. I have been known to go hard in the gym and my workouts are similar to what you would see on TV a offensive lineman in football do. I'm also doing boxing so I'm doing a lot of cardio with it. The problem is I've been training with my college team and...
  5. 3

    anavar dosing for bigger gal

    I’m a former volleyball player and swimmer. I’m 5’10’’ so I am tall for a woman I also weigh 144 pounds so I am muscular but lean would I have to use more anavar because of my height or am I okay using the same as a friend who is 5’2’’?
  6. D

    Training with herniated discs

    I have a bad neck and back and it's made it difficult to do a lot of things. My back and neck tighten up a lot and there is herniation speak. I've had MRIs and I've had X-rays done. I've been to countless doctors they all say at I will be okay and then I'm very muscular blah blah blah. I don't...
  7. P

    How bad is beer?

    I see commercials on TV with guys and girls drinking beer and they look like they're having a great time and they're all fit in muscular. I don't understand if that's the way it is why is beer considered so bad for us?
  8. E

    Using steroids while body fat is low

    my body fat is around 8% I’m looking to harden things up from here. I don't really look like I'm muscular when I have a shirt on but when I take it off I am. Does this make sense? I think I should use something that hardens my muscles up. What is a good cycle for this
  9. K

    More muscles and the past Century

    why do you think people are getting more muscular over the past fifty to a hundred years. Whether it would be in sports or in bodybuilding guys keep getting more and more muscular to the point where there are over 300 lbs now. 50 years ago it was unheard of to even be over 200 lb. Do you think...
  10. yunusmile

    who started bodybuilding because of him? firs muscular idol !!

    HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA on 5 hours FULL - YouTube he was the reason i wanted to be muscular. if you dont know him you are probably less than 10 years old :D
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