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muscle building

  1. S

    ready for cycle first time

    Hi I’m 29 years old, 5’8’’ and 165 pounds. No history of using anything, been lifting 10 years. I cut down 50 pounds in the past year with fasting and following steve’s Ebooks. Now I am ready to build back muscle cleanly, don’t want to get fat again dirty bulking. Was thinking of 250mg a...
  2. L

    Supplementation For Sports Performance

    Supplementation For Sports Performance is an new article I just finished not only evaluating dietary supplements but also reviewing every major supplement for sports performance and muscle building. Hope this is helpful, you guys enjoy...
  3. R

    Some Advice needed!

    Hey guys I'm totally new here and new to gear. I have been working out for some years now all natural but I can't gain any significant amount of muscle mass. So i was thinking of doing some HGH but I have no idea if that is any good on its own?! Also the starting amount is varying depending on...
  4. funckygarcon

    question about movements in exercises

    now, it's been more than 3 months since i first started reading about the world of body building and i think i'm now in a decent level of knowledge. however i have a question that i don't seem to find the answer to, would u help me out? the question is: I see a lot of people in my gym doing...
  5. F

    HRT Opportunity

    Hey All, I stumbled upon this forum while researching Depo Testosterone. I didn't realize what my doctor prescribed for me until I got home from work today. A little background info for you. I had been feeling like crap and was extremely fatigued all the time, so I went to see the Dr. and...
  6. T

    Muscle Building : eating-right

    Pre-Workout Nutrition Proper nutrition is a critical element in every workout and can spell the difference between failure and success. You should begin each training session at the training center as though you are going into a battle and your mind and body should be ready to win this...
  7. W

    Diet needed to get to 14 st (196 lbs) at 14 % body fat.

    Hello, I have been training on and off for the past 8 years now but have not been able to gain a substantial amount of muscle, as in I have never looked developed enough in my muscles as in when you can tell when someone works out, I am of an endomorph/mesomorph build and quite stocky so perhaps...
  8. M

    Muscle Building Workouts [Free Android App]

    Want to build your muscles and burn the fat? This new application contains videos with programs and routines to help you build muscle mass and lean muscle in the shortest time possible. -Over 900 videos with demonstrations of the best muscle building workout routines!
-Application is updated on...
  9. B

    Whey Protein

    Is it true that Whey protein is the ultimate muscle building protein supp? I read about whey being formed the same way that milk is turned to butter! Question is this, does Whey protein need to be supplimented with a high protein low carb diet in order for it to be effective!
  10. S

    What do you struggle with the most when building for muscle mass?

    Everyone's will be different. Mine is building leg muscles... as i am 6'2 and all legs. but what is yours, and how have you tried to solve that pain point as of now.
  11. S

    What Is Your favourite Bodyweight Exercise ?

    I have my own favorites, but what are your favorite bodyweight exercises and why?
  12. S

    How have you all built your wrists up?

    Most full body workouts get all the muscles worked overall. But the wrist muscles are like impossible. What did you do to build them up. Unconventional ways to if you have done.
  13. M

    Muscle Beach 75th Anniversary

    Has anyone checked out this footage... 75th Muscle Beach Contest, LA, CA Hollywood Extra LA Muscle TV
  14. RickO'Shea

    Anybody Tried Amplify02 and RAW MCC?

    I've heard some good things, but not enough good things. Who out there has Tried these two products(Amplify 02, RAW MCC)? What were the results etc, etc, etc... Are they safe to stack with clen and T3 or T4?
  15. E

    diet while on steroids

    hi guy im doing my first cycle and need advice on a diet i should use while on steroids atm my diet is 3600 calories bulking and im 86 kilograms, 6 feet tall, 21 years old, 10%bf plzzzzzzzz do not gimme suggestions like u shouldt use steroids, diet or training and rest or time are the best...
  16. E

    wats a good steroid workout

    gday mates in a few weeks i will begging my first cycle if ur curious its 4 weeks of 30mg dbol daily and 500mg of testethanate every week for 10 weeks i wouldike to know from anyone whos used steroids whats a good workout in terms of wat level of volume/ frequency i should train at this is my...
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