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  1. S

    quickest way for female lean mass

    hello I have been training heavy weights time under tension with explosive movements this is how my trainer has me going I noticed though that I run out of energy very quickly doing it like this as a female I want to keep up with the boys. What steroids or sarms would be good for me to add? I’m...
  2. V

    muscletech mass tech extreme

    I’m looking to get some more size on my frame muscletech has a product called mass tech extreme 2000. It’s triple chocolate brownie flavor and it’s 6 pounds two scoops of this stuff is 2000 calories and over 160 grams of protein if I drink three scoops of this per day will I gain good quality Mass?
  3. L

    Disabled amputee and sarms use

    I have existing leg and knee issues as you can imagine It's going to be like that for the rest of my life unfortunately but weight training is definitely my salvation I'm looking to prevent muscle wasting and gain muscle mass. I'm also looking to strengthen my joints in the muscles around them...
  4. J

    How long do I need to wait?

    Hello, I just finished a cycle of Ostarine two weeks ago, I was interested in starting Nutrobal + LGD to put on some mass. How long do I need to wait before I start this? Also, what other supplements if any would you recommend I take along side these in order to gain the most muscle possible...
  5. R

    Best stack 4 50yo male

    Starting to get back to regular workouts (3-5 week)after 20 month absence. Never used steroids. Ready to try. Want serious muscle mass!
  6. S

    Halodrol, EpiAndro Rx Cycle Feedback Please

    Hi Guys, I am new to this site, and this forum panel. I have arrived here looking for “direct” insight and feedback after scouring the web only to find contradicting testimonies and sponsored-biased write-ups and logs. A brief background about me-I am 26 years old, 6 foot 5, 250 pounds with an...
  7. J

    PH Cycle Advice

    Ok, I want some advice on this cycle. Usually, when I ask, my conversation degrades until I get talked out of it, so, here's my situation. I'm 47, worked out for 20? years. Eat very low carb, and if I were on a 1200 calorie diet, it'd look like this: fat 53 grams, carbs 20 grams, protein 165 g...
  8. K

    Cycle Log: Sust, Deca Dbol

    this will be a log of my 3rd cycle. i have come off and recovered (to my knowledge anyway) from my previous cycle: i ran Test E, EQ and Dbol, i gained 10kg (90kg to 100kg). gains were fairly lean and i...
  9. L

    Best otc test stack/booster

    I'm a 33 year old male, 160lbs, been working out for almost 9 months now. Looking for an OTC test booster to help me put on some more mass and maybe cut some fat. What is the best OTC Test Booster??
  10. J


    What is the difference between jintropin, scitropin, and getropin? And can anyone recommend a site to buy Hgh that they trust, and got shipment of real Hgh in a timely manner? It's my first time, an I am concerned about getting scammed. Thanks
  11. W

    Muscle tone, trim gut and cut muscles up some

    I am not new here my previous SN and PW was either deleted cuz I have not logged into account for a loooong time. anyway I need info ASAP fast. I need to put order in like now... 5ft 9 209 35yo plenty sus250 and test cyp on hand.... Deca should be here wk or so. but i want to cut up also...
  12. R

    Opinion: what do you think is a more effective empi-stane or havoc

    Looking for some opinions here, what do you guys feel is a more effecive ph RPN's Havoc or mr supps epi-stane. in terms of mass sides and keepable gains.
  13. Thejamhandman

    Help with PH cycle

    Age 29 Height 6.2' Weight 188lbs Bf 11% Hard Gainer... First cycle was using Havoc. Not bad results. Gained 9 lbs in 4 weeks. Looking to put on just mass and a whole lot of it. Dont need to be shredded, just big and bulky. Was looking into Beast and Dieselbolan v2. Cant decide on which to do...
  14. R

    What are the most effective dry ph's still available?!

    Alright so i'm posting this because i'm tired of reading posts with some sick ph reccomendations only to find out there two years old and the website to order them from are completely changed up. Does anyone know if malicious mass is still produced? Also helladrol from mr. supps, that sh*t still...
  15. F

    What to use for adding MASS

    Hello there, I'm in the need of some assistance here: I'm looking for some steroid to help me gain some mass. I've used Winny's before, gained some strength, but didn't really grow. Now I'm looking for something to help me gain some mass after I've finished cutting some more KG's. I've got...
  16. alwayslifting


    looking to do my last bulk using prohormones before i start pinning, wondering what you guys reccomend for a mass prohormone? was thinking possibly ultradrol and lmg or maybe DMZ? something along those lines, whats your guys thoughts
  17. G

    Wow!!fellow iron pumpers don't miss this!!

    Now that I have your attention PLEASE read ALL!! I have been contenplating joining EF for a long time and was HOPING that MAYBE I would be WELCOMED and be showed some LOVE from My fellow Iron Pumpers!! I'll make it quick, Brand New to AAS. Work My Ass off in the Gym at 40+ with pain , soreness...
  18. L

    6'4 and underweight

    Im 20 6'4 153 I go to the gym 5-7 times a week sometimes twice a day I work nights so my schedule if all messed up i have very little BF no more than 8% my protein is beyond raw rebuilt mass 850 cals 60g of protein I usually am at work at 330 am i drive a delivery route I usually just eat on the...
  19. L

    I'm 6'4 was 132 I'm up to 153 and I'm in search of knowledge/help

    Okay I'm sure I have not done enough research to make very one happy I do read and if j knew where to start I would gladly do my homework and like the title says I'm not here to be called dumb or any other name I'm openly admitting I am here to seek knowledge anyway here is my dilemma I started...
  20. T

    test cyp cycle. How many calories should I be eating?

    31/ 176/ 14%/ 5'11"/ training for about 7 months solid. 3 days a week of heavy strength training and one day a week of full body workout (did the 300 for the second time this week, shaved 10% off my time.) Just did my second pin of test cyp 200 (weekly). I have a pretty decent diet including...
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