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    French press lift?

    I first heard about french presses reading online Sounds like something stupid to me. Can anyone explain what that is and is it something to train your shoulders or arms or what? Do you ever do it. Seems like you never heard of it
  2. J

    Heavy weights risky?

    I can remember seeing a thread on a forum where they were arguing if lifting heavy weights was bad or not. One guy was saying that he does nothing but heavy weights and he's been doing it for 20 years with no problems. Another guy said that heavy weights cause them to get injured. Is there a...
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    How often do you do 1-2 rep lifts?

    I was having this debate with a friend of mine who says that you should lift to the max always when you are at the gym I told him I'd come on the Forum and ask you guys what your thoughts are and what are the pros and cons to doing a work out that way
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