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  1. L

    Single foods for a month

    What would happen if we just ate 1 type of food for a month Like if i ate just beef for a month. Or just eggs. Or just fruit Just curious if anyone has tried this and lived to talk about it
  2. D

    protein powder plain

    I am looking to grab some plain protein powder not sure what I should look for when shopping for it. Every brand I see has a lot of artificials and sugars. Does anyone on here use the plain unsweetened whey and then add your own things to it? Maybe adding fruit?
  3. B

    tren tastes like bitter grapes?

    I got some tren from a friend at the gym. Dude was kinda sketchy but I trust him not to give me fake gear just to be safe though I extracted some into a needle and squirted some into my mouth. Stuff tastes like bitter fruit/grapes. Is this normal for it to taste like that or am I being scammed?
  4. P

    Bulk Shake options

    I want to get a shake that can help me get bigger but I don't want to take anything with sugar. I was thinking of adding in Fruit, oats, protein powder, and egg whites. Has anyone ever try this mixture and how did it taste and what were your results on it. I'm currently 135 lb and want to gain 20 lb
  5. M

    Citrus fruit

    I haven’t seen any threads about citrus fruits which is weird. Growing up in Spain we would pick citrus right off the tree and eat them everyday, but living in America now nobody seems to eat them. Why is that and are they healthy for me? I found a place that sells them fresh from california...
  6. J

    fruit on keto

    When would be the best time to eat fruit on a (CKD) keto diet? my wife just bought 7 lbs of blue berries from the market (fml) and I of course almost never eat fruit while on keto. Obviously not eating them at all would be the best solution. I mean if you HAD to eat fruit on keto what would be...
  7. Discreet User

    Craving Sweets/Carbs Before Bed

    I'm on my first cycle: Test Cypionate only. Eating 4,500 calories per day trying to gain. Eat 3,500 per day off-cycle. Added most of my calories through poultry. I start my day off with complex carbs and try not to eat carbs within 3 hours of bedtime. I'm craving sugar and carbs such...
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