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fat loss cutting

  1. T

    Starting a new cycle

    hey fellas i am starting a new cycle and i am new to this never tried this before but i am looking forward to trying it i just dont know what to try for the results that i want right now i am eating about a 1500-2000 cal diet mostly green except for in the mornings and it is eggs and toast i do...
  2. P

    T3 for fat loss HELP!

    So I'm thinking about taking t3 to shed some fat off my body. I'm 5'11 weight 167lb and im at 14% body fat. I already bought it off of purchase and I'm thinking about starting it around April so I can be at atleast 5-8% body fat ready for June ( senior events in highschool). I have...
  3. K

    Best Dieting Approach for Max Fatloss with AAS?

    Hey guys i was just lookin into what Macro nutrient split you guys prefer for maximal fat loss. I seem to be a bit carb sensitive as well. I was thinking around 50% Protein / 20% Carbs / 30% Fat Or what about carb cycling?? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
  4. B

    Advice on cycle!

    Stats: age 24 height 6 foot weight 230 Cycle history: dbol 25mg a day Hello bro's im new to this forum so im still trying to figure out everything. I would just like some advice to a second cycle to build mass and a lot of strengh while cutting some fat. I know my first cycle is garbage but i...
  5. SirKevinDeBENCH

    Need help with diet

    hi guys wats good? I got this problem, I been out o the gym for jus over 2 years. Lost bare strength and got well fat jus had it tested and Im 33 per cent. Im 29 Yrs old 5 foot 10 I way 130 kilos and I wanna get to where I was before. I used to bench 200 kgs now I can only do 125kg! my...
  6. S

    Keto Question

    Hi, i weigh 110kg, i want to cut as much fat as possible. ive done well on atkins before but i would like to follow the keto system of 24 hr carb ups. Basicallyh my question is can i follow atkins mon-fri and carb up on fri evening to sat evening . Whilst training 3-4 times a week. would...
  7. 0

    total newbie - fat loss advice !

    whats up guys, im totally new at all this so bare with me. i'm looking to get lean and shed some body fat in something like a 12 week cycle.. (i think?) basically i need whatever advice you guys can give me on... everything. i don't fancy any injections, but i do want to know what tabs would...
  8. T

    fat loss calculations

    hey I was wondering if i cud get help with this, i want to lose between 2-3 lbs per week over a 3 month period. I worked out my BMR requires 1680 calories a day but i do a lot of kickboxing so I guess I burn about 1000 a day through exericise, i also use kettlebell workouts 3 times a week...
  9. 1

    help with cutting

    I tore my knee about a year ago. After surgery and physical therapy, i was out of the gym for about 3 months. I put on a lot of fat during that time due to a more the lack of the gym, more business trips than usual, ect... I weighed 175 with about 9% body fat now i am up to about 15%. and...
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