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  1. U

    need2buildmuscle HCGenerate/test/tren/dbol

    Question: Test prop, Tren Ace, Dbol. I have real hCG and I was thinking about getting HCGenerate from need2buildmuscle as well. Obviously, I am going to use real hCG while on cycle, but would it be overkill to include HCGenerate with real hCG or even in my PCT on top of clomid?? Thanks guys.
  2. EZ_E

    Amusing PM's I get on EF - Part IV

    Here's the original thread: The 1st PM with the title "Dik": Thanks for advice! *sarcasm*I didn't ask for sarcastic comments in the post. Learn to read. Your welcome Then I banned him & received this message...
  3. B

    Hey Woodyo...

  4. M

    Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead on toilet

    What a shitty way to go. Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead from apparent overdose -
  5. digimon7068

    A safety on the first play?

    In the Super Bowl? Wtf??
  6. PICK3

    caligirl85 appreciation thread!

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