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    Best shoulder day options

    I'm looking to do a good shoulder workout I figured I could sneak it in on a Wednesday in between my splits that were on Tuesday and Thursday I've got several exercises on my list front raises bent over reverse fly upright row seated dumbbell press barbell standing press Arnold press Any more...
  2. S

    My biceps won’t grow :(

    need to come up with a good workout program for my biceps please I read this one online Single arm dumbbell preacher curl Dumbbell hammer curl Incline dumbbell curl 3 sets each with 30 second rest in between sets Would this be a good option for me? I tried it yesterday and my arms are sore
  3. N

    Dumbbell vs. barbell

    I've been training for 5 years off and on and I have noticed a difference between using dumbbells and barbells in terms of what muscles get worth and how they get worked. Assuming all things being equal and you had access to both which one do you prefer to give you the best chance to get in a...
  4. H

    pull day split routines

    Hey I am looking at setting up a pulling day routine. What do you think about this ? I am on a cycle so want to up my game to get more results and take advantage. Been training for 4 years but never did split routines 3 sets pullups (weighted) 10-12 reps 3 sets pulldowns 3 sets rows 3 sets...
  5. M

    barbell training better then dumbbell?

    Without sounding like a dumb bell no pun intended can you develop a workout just from barbell training ? I have a home gym now and won’t be able to get anything more then what I got to fit my budget. I got a bench, rack, and barbells along with both metal and rubber weights to add to them...
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