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cycle help

  1. U

    Test and Mast cycle. Feel like shit!

    Im finishing up my first week of my cycle. I've felt like shit all throughout the week. Aching joints and headache. My first Test cycle I ran it with an AI. Decided to go with Mast this time. Will this go away? Is this something to be concerned with? Thanks guys. BP averages 120/68 Glucose 89...
  2. N

    next bulking cycle help

    hey I am running a 15 week cycle and would like to get any tweaks needed to it, and any results you have had with this stack. Test E: 500mg/wk wk1-15 DecaD: 500mg/wk wk1-15 EQ: 800mg/wk wk 1-15 Dbol: 50mg/ED wk1-4 Winstrol: 50mg/ED wk 10-15 Aromasin: 12.5mg/eod wk 1-15 Caber: .25mg/2x a week wk...
  3. R

    Test, Tren, Mast cycle critique

    Hello, so its time for me to start my next cycle and i have in mind what I would like to take but I wanted to run it past some of the guys here on the board. Test 300mg 1-12 Tren 400mg 1-10 Mast 500mg 4-12 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD 1-14 Dostinex .5mg E3D 1-10 HCG blast 1000iu 13-14 PCT 15-18 Clomid...
  4. G

    Test E EQ Tren E Cycle Advice

    Sup guys! This is my first post so I'll try do this the best I can. This site has been really helpful and hopefully I can get some insight into my cycle. I have done about 4/5 cycles previously the first being a test only cycle. I have done dbol, eq, and some other orals in the past. Been out of...
  5. F

    Wini/Var oral cycle?

    Hello and THANK YOU SO MUCH for this.. This is my firstcycleand have a ton of questions and as you know there is plenty of conflicting advice on the web.26y/o 215lbs about 15-18% BF. Good diet and 7 years work out exp.Taking my firstcycleto shred down for a local calendar shoot.6 weekcycle...
  6. B

    Steroid cycle

    Hi there new to the site i am 28 5'10 210lb Clean lean diet about to start my 8th cycle, im debating on what cycle to do this time round i want to gain size and and hard muscle so up for suggestions on a cycle which you guys recommend ?? Last cycle was boldenone, tren eth and test eth i...
  7. J

    Lookin for advice about ProHormones

    New to this forum and this is my first post. STATS/BACKGROUND Lifted for 5 years in high school/college, went to China lost 25 pounds, came back skinny(175Ibs), drank beer in college, stopped working out regulgarly, 3 years out of the game I am getting back into lifing/bodybuilding hardcore...
  8. J

    PCT Help for this Cycle

    I think I have everything I need. Just not absolutely sure how start the PCT. Cycle: Wk 1-6 Dbol 40mg/day Wk 1-8 Forged Burner Clen 40-80mcg (on2 weeks off 2 weeks) Winstrol 50mg/eod Primo 100mg/oed 3Trenbolone Acetate 50mg/oed...
  9. Dk350

    first cycle update, help a bra out

    I'm planning a 10 week first cycle: weeks 1-4- 30mg of Beastdrol ed weeks1-10- 250 mg of Test C x2 a week (Should I lower dose to 375mg per week if I add proviron?) weeks 1-10- 250 IU's of HCG every 5 days weeks 1-10- Aromasin 12.5mg eod weeks 4-10- maybe 50mg proviron ed???(should I add this)...
  10. F

    Test E, Tren A, D-Bol cycle help

    Hey guys I'm running my first cycle and was wondering if you could help me out. I'm gonna stack test e, tren a, and dbol. I'm only running a 8 week cycle and this is what i was thinking. Test E- 1-8wk 250mg/wk Dbol- 1-4wk 30mg/ed Tren A- 4-8wk 75mg/eod 5`11 200 lbs 7% body fat If you think i...
  11. M

    10 Week Anavar Cycle Advise

    Ok guys so here me out. I'm 18 years old 6 foot 1 223 lbs 10 percent bodyfat. I've been training for 4 years. Diet is spot on. I've done hours of research. I've trained with a professional bodybuilding trainer for the first two years. I know how to train and the exercises. I want to run a anavar...
  12. H

    Help Build My Cycle, Please.

    Hey guys...I need help building a cycle with what I have on hand. I don't have access to more gear at the moment so hopefully the advise I get won't include me getting anything else. I'm currently 39, 6'1", 203lbs, 17% BF. I have done cycles before but it has been a couple of years since my...
  13. M

    Running out of anavar more on the way HELP!

    So I've been doing a var only cycle 40mg a day, I've been on it for 17 days. I just barley started feeling the awesome effects of anavar but here is the problem I only have 31 10mg tabs left and more on the way. But it will take usually atleast 12 days to get the new gear to my house. I should...
  14. bringingthewood

    Cycle Advice - Add Tbol? Hair Loss & Gyno Prevention?

    Hey guys, after doing some research I came up with this cycle. I'm 34, 225, prob 14%, 5' 9'' 1. If you wanted to add T-Bol to this cycle how would you do it? Do you think it makes sense? 2. Is there anything you would add/remove to help prevent hair loss (I'm prone to it)? 3. Is there...
  15. bringingthewood

    Cycle Critique - Help a Brotha Out

    MOTIVATION: I haven't touched steroids for 12 years, but I'm married to a smokin' hot 24 year old and pretty much have to be handy with the steel, earn my keep if ya know what I mean, ha. STATS: height: 5; 9'' weight: 220 lbs age: 34 body fat: prob 14%-16% background: Wrestled/Football...
  16. Essie

    Working on a cycle - any advice welcome

    Howzit Everyone! This is by far not my first cycle, but I have reached the plato with the standard Cypionate + D-Bol cycles ... just come off a 12 weeker, 16 incl PCT (which I'm still on) and the gains I got versus the dosages was as I expected, not too impressive:mad:. So instead of carrying...
  17. P

    starting first tren cycle.... what is a better stack sust or test prop ?

    hi i am starting my first cycle of tren. its acutally QV Trembolona 75 is what i have.. and i also have Andropen 275 and testabol propionate 200mg/ml any suggestions of what i should do ? i do not want to take the wrong mix thanks
  18. C

    Beastdrol Cycle Advice

    Hey new to this site as you can see this being my first post. Would just like some beastdrol cycle advice. Basically i was going to run the dieselbolan cycle shown below: Diselbolan v 2 - 3 tabs a day Forged liver support - 2 tabs a day HCGenerate - 5 tabs a day For 4 weeks followed by an...
  19. D

    Test E + Tbol 8 Weeker

    Looking for feedback on my proposed cycle. My goal is to keep 10 pounds of solid muscle after PCT and drop a few %bf. I would hope to harden up too. I am a little soft...probably because my natural test is low. 37 yo. 6'0" 195lbs 12% bf I've been working out hard since 16 yo. This will be my...
  20. crulexis

    MY Cycle!!-- Help S4 with PCT or Not?

    For those who don't know me... HELLO! Stats: 24 yr old (this Jan,2) :D ... 15% BF..202 Pounds.. Been lifting for 7 Years.. Diet.. 55 Protein / 35% Carbs .. around that.. Mostly Chicken/Tuna/EggWhite/Oatmeal/Almonds/Whey Going to be doing 2400 or so Cal's a day.. which is for weight lose Goals...
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