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  1. Fitmommy1114

    Womens Epi strong log

    This will be my first official epi strong log. I will be running it at 5 mg for 6 weeks but might bump up the dosage if I see I platue. I will be taking bridge as my pct I'm 5 feet tall 0 inches 110 pounds 13.79 % body fat according to a dunk test. I'm training 4-5 times a week I have...
  2. C

    NTBM Bridge. Suppressive?

    I was looking a this product ingredients and noticed it has pregnenolone and with a quick wiki search I found that it is in fact a pro-hormone. So my question is, is it suppressive? Should a pct be considered if taking it and not going straight into a cycle of gear followed by proper pct? Also...
  3. Ranger11B

    experiance with NTBM BRIDGE.... suprising

    For those who are walking samples of every NTBM product avail this will prob not be that interesting, this is mostly geared towards newbies or anybody who hasn't tried bridge, or thinks its a waste of money. A week or so ago I posted on a thread sayin I wasn't feeling the product much at all...
  4. bringingthewood

    Bridge and HCGenerate are Out of Stock

    Does anyone have any alternatives? Thanks.
  5. F

    Dieselbolan Epistrong Bridge

    So I.'m thinking about starting a May cycle on Dieselbolan v2 and then bridging it with Epistrong. From what I've gathered the Diesel should help me pack on some good muscle for the first 3 weeks while vacuuming down some clean proteins. The Epi can then be introduced to harden up some of...