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    Improving the bicep head

    I've been doing a lot of concentration curls but they haven't done a lick of difference for me. I started to do some incline curls and I've gotten a much more Improvement to the peak of my bicep do you think going heavy on concentration curls might have been my mistake? I don't want to keep...
  2. W

    Bicep curl program

    I want to try the Rich Piana bicep program which is 3 hours of bicep work twice a day do you think this would be something that will help me grow my biceps or is it a gimmick that doesn't work. can you explain the truth in the science behind it
  3. A

    Upping my bicep workouts

    I'm getting bored doing the same bicep workouts every day. Is there a way to spice and things up that you can recommend to break me from this none starting point that I'm at. I will say that my results have been good and I'm happy with the results so far just getting a little monotonous
  4. G

    Best types of curls?

    Are curls really for girls Or do they have any sort of benefits to build up the mass of my arms. Right now I've got some skinny arms and I'm only 23 years old. I have been training for the past 4 years off and on someone told me preacher curls were really good because they can isolate your...
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