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  • Cry me a river. You don't listen, you spam the board with the same post over and over again, get over it.
    I didn't see the movie. That scene you posted with the guy saying he'll suck the other guy's dick creeped me out is all. Just a little red, toon. Don't take it personally.
    Lol! fuck man i thought there as another couple of zeros on that 7! haha my bad
    breakfast: 10 egg whites with chopped green peppers, chopped onions, and mushrooms wisked together for omellet.side of fat free cottage cheese. drink mixture of simply apple and simply orangew/ extrapulp
    brunchrotein shake w/liquid aminos and 1/2 cup oatmeal
    lunch: iceburg lettuce, chopped onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and grilled turkey breast marinated in tequila lime and kens healthy choice olive oil and vinegar dressing.
    middayrotein shake w/liquid aminos
    supper: turkey hamburger steak, two chicken breasts, or 3 tilapia filets with sweet potatoe.
    nitetime: protein shake w/two tbl spns of peanutbutter
    drink during meals is lemonaide with splenda
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