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  • Hon. all you have to do is click quotre on anyones post that is blacked out and youre able to read it.
    they transfer into your gallery. i don't know how else to do it. post some pics in the woman's progress pic thread, or make a new thread. see if it works.:confused:
    ooops i meant when you reply to a thread or make a new thread, you can go down and there is an option for adding attachments. just upload you pics, submit your reply and they should show up.
    what Travis said. i think thats how they show up. i was just too lazy to upload them with and just added them as attachments right off my computer. then there they were in my gallery.
    Save the pictures into your picture documents on your computer. Then go to profile at the left on the long black bar. Where you added your AVI. gO DOWN TO ATTACHMENTS AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO THERE. dAMN CAPS LOCK, SORRY.
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