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  • Have a most tranquil day of abundance/appreciation/Warmth....
    Enjoy the wine and laid back laughter.
    Lata Letto.
    Letto did U mean
    Go Ahead
    Go Away
    Gay Asian
    Good Afternoon
    or Georgia.
    Whichever one, I know U luv me.
    Hah.. Spart luvs U know this. LOL
    Hey just wanted to give a shout out to the Queen.
    Have a wonderful thursday Gorgeous.
    YouTube - Sinéad O'Connor - Troy (Live)
    U know I got nothing but mad respect for ya.
    I remember the first time I really met ya, you got my back when Pick was kinda fuckin with me, droppin va ja jay action on me when I first got here. He was just kidding, but U were in there like quck as hell, making sure it didn't turn into a flamefest, with me getting roasted. I always remember that shit.
    Yeah, I have not seen U emanate nothing but class, smarts, and leadership, so U won me over a long time ago.
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