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  • Funny thing is, I used to think Cotto was overrated, and didn't like him. Then he beat Judah, Mosley, and Clottey. I love that guy. He's all guts, and never even complained about Margarito using brass knuckles style/plaster of paris. Dude just fights. Stewart said, that Cotto was fighting 2 low against Pacman, and this limited range of vision, and ability to return fire, due to being off balance. He looked very good against Foreman, very good. However, yeah, he might have a chance at Sergio Martinez, at 154.
    I dunno, Mosley, looked so tight, so nervous, and what threw me off, was his inability to overcome nerves. Mayweather, by the late rounds, looked stronger, so much faster, and bottom line, he adjusted. Hell, DLH, did much better, and handled the pressure better than Mosley.
    DLH, just said 24 hours ago, the fight is very, very close. However, I think in the end, it will not happen, due to what you just stated.
    How bout Martinez vs Pavlik? He looks good, rumor has it Mayweather was contemplating a 154lb match with Martinez, however I think that went awash.
    I agree... I don't think Pac vs Mayweather, will happen. It's a shame after watching old fights of Hearns vs Ray Leonard, and Ray Leonard vs Hagler 2 nights ago.
    Good to see U AV. I'm gonna keep buggin you bout fights...LOL
    Mayweather is no joke. Hate when the bad guy talks shit, and then wins. Sux. I didn't even watch the entire fight. I couldn't. U think Manny has a chance?
    Hey, we both are at a loss for Mosley. MW looked stronger, not just faster. Mosley looked nervous, so afraid of losing the match... that he got tentative, predictable, and scared.
    I hate it when a good man 'head cases' himself in. Oh well, more acclaim for PacMan.
    Hey bet on the fight AV. Hit me up with your analysis on the fight and predictions of Mayweather vs Pac.
    Also what did you think of Pavlik Martinez? Too bad bout Cintron and Williams. Hope rematch happens.
    Would like to hear from you.
    Hey U... Put up the Cotto Yuri Fight...
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