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  • If I said make the bed she would say, ok, therte the sheets, covers, bedspread are on the floor, PERFECT now RIGHT!?
    yeah..Mainiacs fired their coach two days ago. My best friend is the asst coach and he was passed over for the head job.
    Bruins are playing great. Good coaching and everyone shows up to play. I didn't think they'd be this good this quickly. Ryder is a huge surprise. I thought the Bruins were nuts to throw so much money at him. Habs 12 pts behind Boston now. I may have to start cheering for Mtl Juniors of Q, they beat Maniacs last week. Looking forward to good second half of hockey and habs-bruins in playoffs.
    Bro, You always have the most disgusting pics in K.

    But you are funny anyway.

    That was your granny, at least you keep it in the family... You are sick, but I like it.
    ouch...I missed the game, fortunately. You coulda put a little k on the game gotmilk.
    I know hindsight....and history: First loss to Bruins in 13 games...streak had to end sometime. I see where the smack talk is coming from.
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