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  • oh ok...i did 4 shows last yr and all the judges said I wasnt lean enuff...I switched trainers so I will see how this prep goes and Im doing ALRi tri lean system.
    Where were yall b4? What made ya move to AZ? Whats HITT? Ive seen people talk about it but they dont go into details.
    that's pretty awesome. I'm a champion sleeper BTW. I lay my head down and in 2 seconds flat Im off in lala land.
    Thanks fore the compliment. Doing allot of physique changes over the next 4-6weeks then we shall see... Couple of other things - Your wife is doing the North America right? Tell her I said good luck and I noticed you two are in AZ - we go there often to get away from here and out of the cold - pm me with how to get in touch with you guys and maybe we can all hook up next time we are out or if you two want a get away in the mountains we have our training facility available to you and also have housing facilities available to our athletes that you two would be more than welcome to stay at. If you are interested we have a really fun APF sanctioned bench meet Oct 3rd if you want to come check it out.
    my profile here? yeah, i run a customer service call center for a Managed Behavioral Healthcare company ;)
    Yeah, running a call center is uninspiring too as you can imagine LOL Everyday its somethin...
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