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  • DT, I luv ya bro. Don't tell me u are working another saturday this month. We only got two week till. Has this year been good for ya?
    I owe ya though, I'm not betting big until the big bowls start. Have you been christmas shopping yet, I sold my old mac, cause I got a new one for my b day, however, I have spent more than I ever have christmas wise. The weird thing is, like I have like 2 months before I start up research, sick of reading, and getting ready to move back to the midwest, its just weird. Anyway, thanx for the luv, I don't forget brah.
    Yeah I walk in like 12 days, and catching up on helping other grad students finish up.
    I hope your bonus is like huge. Hopefully tomorrow U can lay back.
    DT I spent most of the day in a Marriot lobby, I only spent like 3 hours today with parents and an ex who is now a very close valued friend. Anyway DT, I should have read, and finished some school work, but yeah... U know how it goes. Gonna head and have a couple of drinks with the ex here in like 30 minutes... its been chill though bro. How was your TDay, Karma wise I took a beatin. 2 thursdays ago I was a millionaire for 90 minutes, but gave the K back, well cause it was just the thing to do. I copied a bookie who has the best vision here when it comes to bettin, but did so on the wrong bet. LOL I still wanna be in the millionaire club, but its not gonna happen like the right way, ya know? LOL Yeah, how was your holiday? BTW, turkey sucks.
    Good lookin brotha... nobrownmo.
    Just droppin by on an early mornin while working on shit that is overdue, to say Hi.
    Take care bro.
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