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  • lol....I'm back in Canada now but lived in California for awhile. Someday...I'd love to go back there!! Be a full time beach bum! ;)
    YO bro!

    sent you a couple PM's.

    I'm going to most likely be interning in L.A. in the spring.

    Also, learned avid and am learning motion/after effects now.

    What did you think of the new final cut X?
    shoot bro, do you happen to know anything about importing dv tape footage to final cut pro?
    it's telling me it can't locate the time code. I selected retry, and FCP froze while the tape continued rewinding the 30 seconds I marked the clip in and out back and forth. I had to force close it.

    this is the first time I ever tried importing footage. I have about 82 minutes of footage and two DV tapes for what I want to edit....


    - d
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