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anyone else have social anxiety disorder?And became a social hermit?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about anyone else have social anxiety disorder?And became a social hermit? within the Chat & Conversation category.

Excerpt: Whats ur story and did you ever make a social comeback?

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    Aug 2001
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    anyone else have social anxiety disorder?And became a social hermit?

    Whats ur story and did you ever make a social comeback?

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    Muscle Pimp MrMuscle's Avatar
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    Feb 2000
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    Well, basically i had parents that made me do athletics when i was younger. And they basically kept me from doing anything else. i got home fra school, did my homework, and then it was of to the track for several hours, then back home and to bed. Slowly as time went by i guess i got "scared" of being in big crowds and such. Im still not that good at it, but i got tons of friends and enjoy theire company. But i still love being by myself.

    I had a good couple of anxiety attacks a couple of years back. Then i learned to meditate, and i managed to make them stop on my own. Pretty pleased with that.

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    Jun 2002
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    I prefer to be alone 95% of the time.
    I do not trust nor like most people outside of my family.
    I'm well liked by most people who know me, and could have a large number of friends, but I choose not to.
    I find that I don't "relate" to most people my age, and I have no interest in trying to.

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    Freak OXANDRIN's Avatar
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    May 2001
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    i am starting to worry about myself. i find i do not do well in social settings. i have been told by many of my friends that i am "losing it" it all started with a really bad break up and i haven't been able to re-group. i am going to try to make a come back this summer though. i'm turning 21 and i think that is a good chance for me to go out and interact with people

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    Da Pope
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    Jul 2002
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    i pretty much choose to be alone

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    Jul 2002
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    It isnt a real disorder. Its an excuse for being a pussy. You dont need to do anything to treat it except grow some nuts.

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    Oct 2002
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    I am an introvert. Extroverts are energinized by interacting with others, whereas introverts get drained. We like interacting with others but only for a limited amount of time and then we need a break. Extroverts can't stand to be alone very long. Introverts can be alone the whole day and enjoy the solitude. This is not the same as Social Anxiety which I have to a degree also. Medication helps greatly if the anxiety is disabling.
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    "What are you so afraid of Tony?" "Honestly?" "Yeah!" "I saw you beat that man like I've never seen a man been beat before and the man kept coming.... He's all wrong for us baby... I know what you're feeling... Let it go! Let it go!"

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