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calling endurance athletes

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about calling endurance athletes within the Bodybuilding Supplements category.

Excerpt: does creatine make you slow bc of the bloat?

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    calling endurance athletes

    does creatine make you slow bc of the bloat?

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    Pro Bodybuilder fhg43's Avatar
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    Creatine worked well for me. I loaded up on 40g before a hard training ride and my legs had more punch for short intense efforts. I was surprised at how well it worked!! I'd screwed up my lifting schedule so the night before I hit my legs hard (squats, press, extensions, etc...) and I was still able to push my legs on the ride. Usually after a hard lifting session my riding sucks. I didn't feel bloated; well my legs did. It felt funny they felt like they were "pumped" for the entire ride.


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    Some people seem to hold alot of water weight w/ creatine. That may hinder them if its long distance running as the added weight cumberance defeats the benefits of the creatine considering it isn't ideal for long distance. Other sports where weight doesn't matter as much even though they are long distance it may still help more.

    Also not everyone gains water weight, I personally don't. Mabe I'm a nonresponder who knows its effects are pretty slim so it would be hard to notice either way. Doesn't hurt though and its dirtcheap so...

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    As a senior in highschool I took creatine. I couldnt run as well As I could before. I was a state qualifier as a junior, and all conference, but then as a senior i was bumped to jv. I gained prolly 15 lbs, I didnt get fat either. I was the biggest damn cc runner in the state. I really think it had to do with the creatine. But when it came to track I ran the 400, 600, 800, and sometimes mile and did just fine. I think it hinders the endurance facter anywhere past 800 meters.

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