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PSL Sale Testosterone Undecanoate 10mL 200mg vials - Great cruise option/HRT in your "neck of the woods" IN YOUR HOOD Sale


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Testosterone Undecanoate 10mL 200mg vials - Great cruise option/HRT in your "neck of the woods" IN YOUR HOOD

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NEW Test results are in.. Test Undec 200mg/mL by EP sold at PSL

Do you blast & cruise, or are you currently on HRT, how do you feel about weekly injections -
is it getting old and tiresome, how about pinning a lot with your current cycle/blast? Have you considered ways to reduce building scar tissue?


Look at this, what we have here we have Testosterone Undecanoate.
"Here at PSL we have all of your HRT/TRT needs covered, with a vast amount of Testosterone ester hormones"
This shrouded compound is truly a contender in the compound arsenal with great reason, as TU can be utilized in a cruise, HRT or even a cycle stack where multi compounds are implemented.

Injections scheduling can be decreased with your testosterone in take, at the same time freeing up more injection sites/ for more volume with other compounds,

at the same time keeping you test levels up to par with injections as often as every 10-16 days (Half life of Test Undecanoate is 16 days)
Dosages may range from 200-500 weekly, or 500-1000, and the injections can be spaced out up until 10-14 days (or more)TU is used widely in many clinics world wide to treat men with hypogonadism, and HRT therapy..

The amazing benefits from this compound yields less injections, a much more stable blood environment, less fluctuations,
with the convenience of freeing up injection sites for other AAS compounds that may be needed in ones protocol..
This Test ester is very diverse, serving multi purposes!
Test Undecanoate EP
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