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Sustanon 250


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I am a newbie and looking for some basic answers. I am thinking of doing a 8 week cycle of sustanon 250 but dont know what the best to stack with any suggestions?? I will start with 250mg a week of sus and was wondering if it is possable to drink injectables in lieu of injections. Sorry for the stupid questions but need some answers.
If you're going to do this, you need more research first. You don't need to stack for you're first cycle. You cannot drink sust.

How old are you? What are your stats? How long have you been training? How do you train? How do you eat? How was your body composition and weight two years ago? What about last year? What are they today?

Answer these and we can give you more direction.
you CAN drink Sus if you really want to. you can also drink bleach, motor oil, Windex,...


Do more research.
Ya man you can drink Winny but SuS is a no no.Also if your planning on running Sus I'd run it longer than 8 weeks.I'd go for about 11.But thats me.Just dont drink it whatever you do.It would be like pissin your money away you could give it to me if thats what youwant to do...
sustanon alone 500mg wks 1-10 anti-e and clomid. and inject it bro.........also do some more research before you get hurt
If you're wanting to drink it because you're afraid of using a needle, don't be. I started with an oral cycle (dbol), but got the nerve a few weeks in to inject Sus. The first time is scary, but it gets easier and easier. So if you're going to do this, do it right, and inject. But, as others said, do more research before deciding what's best for you.
stats first, and it better not be a "i been trainning for 4 months and I'm ready for the juice":p
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